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Posted on 2001-07-03
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I've got a 386kbps SDL connection, limited only by the distance to the DSL CO.  Since the speed is determined by the distance between the DSL CO and the FIRST remote router, then can I install an intermediate router between my office and the DSL CO?

DSL CO           [xxxx]
FIRST Router      [xx]
Original Router   [xx]
Office LAN       [xxx]  

Could I set-up the FIRST router to act as another gateway between the DSL CO and original router?  thereby decreasing the distance from the first router and the DSL CO and allowing a higher speed?  If not, then why not?  If yes, then why isn't this more widely known/used (granted, the problem of putting in a router along the DSL line requires that it be in a location benificial to the functioning of the router).

Thanx in advance,

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wow, that diagram turned out like crap.  lemme try this:

DSL CO    1st Router    Original Router  Office LAN

"<<" and ">>" indicate network traffic.  [xx] indicates a piece or pieces of hardware and/or physical systems.

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Yes, theoretically it's possible to do this... the biggest problem you have is in having a location closer to the CO to work with.

There is a neat story on PBS's website about a guy who lived up in the foothills... Actually pointed a telescope toward the closest town to find a user who may have a fast DSL connection so he could install a wireless link to, to get DSL. Check out his story at <a href="">this location</a>

His tale seems to indicate you should be able to do this. But again, you need to have a location within range of the CO to get the speed/access level you desire, and then the equipment to route from that location to the rest of your LAN.

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Well, that formatted poorly, LOL. But hopefully you can still navigate there.

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That was a really interesting article.  I'd try something like that, but I'm in a fairly new, wealthy, well-populated area that's probably full of homes/offices using a wireless network.  I'm just not experienced/disciplined  enough to a) set it up without causing significant interferance and b) not use the technology to snoop on other wireless transmissions that I might be able to pickup.  I am a HAM radio operator with expert liscencing, so I've got the experience and equiptment to setup the transmission and reception apparatti.  Maybe in the future.
What I might do, is get a friend of mine at the telephone company to make an installation of my router in an already existant cable box, or whatever those green boxes are called.  This problem as I see it now is paying for the faster transmission speeds.  huh huh.
Thanx, dclary


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