NT Service

I had written a small monitoring program for Windows 98 and have started to convert it into a service for NT.

So far it looks good, i've used a template from http://www.jgsoftware.com/nt.htm -> the vpcsrvce.zip and the service installs, accesses all my modules and functions from the form and everything is great...until... i use the FindWindow command.

For some reason it just wont work when being used as part of a service. It just seems to return 0 always.

If you download the zip file above and replace the timer procedure 'beep' command with...

var h:hwnd;
  h:= Findwindow (nil,'Registry Editor');
  if h <> 0 then beep;

what would work as a program, seems to not work in the service form. Any ways to get around this problem... do i have to change one of the lines of code in the service procedures included?

I have already tested the equivalent program on NT and it runs fine, but i need it to run as a service, and i would preferably keep the template above as it is easy apart from this one small problem.

Thanks for your help.
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Did you try to make it Interactive service, try to change Interactive to True.

Did you test FindWindow with these parameters and it returns non-zero number when Registry editor is working?
frangers99Author Commented:
How do i make it interactive if im using the template above, i only have Delphi 4 Standard which means i dont have the wizards etc... and yes, it didnt beep when i started regedit (inferring that h must have been 0)
Edit uService.pas:



to the const section.

Change the line

    ServiceControlHandle := CreateService(SCManagerHandle ,PCHAR(FServiceName), PCHAR(FServiceDisplayName),
                            SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL, Path, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil);


    ServiceControlHandle := CreateService(SCManagerHandle ,PCHAR(FServiceName), PCHAR(FServiceDisplayName),
                            SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL, Path, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil);

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frangers99Author Commented:
Thanks again, you always answer my questions so fast! That had me confused for quite a while.
:o)   Take a deep breath and breathe out s l o w l y .....

Thanks a lot for the points!
frangers99Author Commented:
just one last thing.... i get a little popup everynow and then while the service is running, telling me everything is fine.... being an invisible monitor, i dont wanna any popups, where are they being called from and how do i remove them.

Sorry, it seems that I don't get any notifications anymore from question where my answer was accepted. A very serious bug in EE. I've reported to CS it but I don't get any response.

About your problem: look in uService. There are some writeln statement which my cause the popups.
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