nlmconv not working

Hi experts,
When I run the makefile:

CC = gcc
CFLAGS = -Wall -O2 -g -I/usr/include/ -I/usr/nwsdk/include/nlm/ -I/usr/nwsdk/include/ -nostdinc -fno-builtin -fpack-struct

hello.nlm:     hello.o hello.def
     nlmconv --output-target=nlm32-i386 -T hello.def

hello.o:     hello.c
     $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c hello.c
I get the error:
nlmconv: hello.nlm: invalid bfd target
Can you help?

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:-)  add hello.o to end of line nlmconv --output-target, hello.def is an include file, and you need hello.o to build the netware load modules
dkiddAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment, I (with some help) managed to get nlmconv to work by running configure (for binutils) with the --enable-targets=all. Make then included nlmconv in the compilation process (before we just did make nlmconv).
However I want to sneak in a new problem.
I have created an nlm which copies one file to another using getc, It works on Linux but stops short copying a binary file on the Novell server. getc seems to find the EOF marker to early.
Can you help with this?
Thanks in advance

what kind of files are you copying, because there is a better way to copy a binary file than getc, and even if it is not, if you are just copying, then gets will grab the whole line. one step at a time, what are you copying?
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dkiddAuthor Commented:
I just copying one file to another, as a test I am copying an nlm to another file. It only copies the first 23 bytes of the file ie Netware Loadable Module, then stops when it gets to the first non printable character. I fear gets will have the same problem (does it use getc as well?).
dkiddAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts
Thanks for your comments, I am using read & write functions to copy. This detects EOF ok
Thanks again
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