Replacement for DocumentNavigator's selectSingle method

I used Visual Studio Beta 1 extensively (esp. xml and xpath) now I am trying to convert all my code to Beta 2.

The problem is that I have used DocumentNavigator.selectSingle a 1000 times in my code which selects a single node based on my xpath expression string.

Now this is not there in Beta 2.

I wonder if there is a suppliment for this in Beta 2(Don't ask me to use XPathNavigator. I know that. I am looking for a substitute for selectSingle) or should I change my entire damn code so that use only "Select"

I don't think there is any replacement but I just thought I should be asking the experts here. ;-)

Thanks in adv!
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saar2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
XmlNode has a the function SelectSingleNode, why don't you use it?

Nope sorry....for some reason they decided to leave it out in the second BETA version, hopefully they will reinstate it in the final version...

Almost all items from BETA 1 have changed. For exampelt hat you cannot override buttons or anything. Therefore I wait with writing real applications until the final release. I only make some test programs to learn the language and it's features...:-/

The beta 2 release is feature complete and only bug fixes will be incorporated into the RTM.  

The changes from B1 to B2 were enormous; but that will not happen in the next release.  Basically, whatever workarounds you incorporated due to bugs will pretty much the only code revisited upon release.
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