Setup and deployment errors

I have written a MapX program in VB6 on an NT workstation (Mapinfo solutions language).  

The application was packaged and deployed using the VB package and deployment wizard.  The application installs and runs in Windows 95, 98 (Edition 1) NT and 2000.  The problem occurs when I tried to install onto a 98 Edition 2 machine.  The machine was a new machine, and I encountered the following errors:

"Cannot start main setup program! (CreateProcess() returned error code 0x000000C1H)"

Then when you press ok it says
"Setup will now start the application removal utility to remove temporary installation files"

Press ok again and another error occurs:
"Error attempting to run the application removal program to remove temporary installation files"

Does anyone have any solutions to the problem.  I have tried to get an anser from Mapinfo, but it is not a MapX problem.

Thank's in anticipation.
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did you try on more than one machine ?
polobearAuthor Commented:
Yes we tried on 4 different Windows 98 Edition 2 machines, some older than others in terms of hardware!
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actually i am thinking in security and authorization wise, do you have the permission to install on the machines, and do they have enough hard disk space.
polobearAuthor Commented:
Yes there was plenty of hard disk space (3 Gb for a 60mb program), and there was no requirement for permissions as it is a windows 98 machine.  I sucessfully installed the other software that it compliments, it is just that packaged with VB that has the problem.
Not positive but I think this is caused by the deployment machine not having a Temp directory specified.  try creating a directory "C:\Temp" and run the install again.
What's the word on this?
polobearAuthor Commented:
I have checked with the users, and there is both a temp directory in the windows, C and D drives of the machine.  The error still comes up, which is annoying~!
Hi polobear,
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