strange problem

Hi all, I have a strange one for you
OS is ME, browser is IE 5.5
(not my machine, but one here at work)
when I right click and choose open new window, and new window appears, but no address in the adress bar, and it does not open the page, however I can enter a url in the new window and it will open. Also clicking on a link in Outlook Experss will not open a window or fetch the link. I have Copernic, and can open other windows with it.
I have run scanreg /fix, and reinstalled IE, and scanned for viruses
This machine also can not run the windows update, opens the java window, but it is blank, and if I try to fetch any update I get
"The following updates were not installed. To try again, click the Back button below.

Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 1 and Internet Tools
Could not be installed because of an unknown error. (-2147221164)"
after the 469 kb download
this happens for any update
any thoughts?
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bootup with win98 bootdisk,,,,,format/s and then install win98 :>)heheh,   thought I'de tell you this before Glenn or Dave does :>)
stevenlewisAuthor Commented:
LOL, but it's not my machine, it belongs to the isp that I work for
I Know:>)  I was just messing with ya:>)  Steve,I put winme on all my comps when it came out and all worked pretty good for a while ,then went downhill ,,,just little things mostly doing with ie 5.5. Just here the other day I put it back on one of my comps and updated to ie 6 and had same results. work great for a few days then started giveing minor problems only with browser of the installions acted pretty much like yours but didn't try to fix,just knocked it in the head and reinstalled 98....I'm not gona be much help to you so I'm just gona set on the side on this one and maybe learn
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stevenlewisAuthor Commented:
I'm just hoping someone can help, using it that way is a pain, can't open in new window, and can't click on links in email. And I don't know if anything new has been installed
Have you tried the repair utility in IE?  If that doesn't fix it then make sure that the browser is set as default.  I can't remember where I saw that at.  It's not in internet options as I first thought but I know it's in here somewhere.  Well anyways, try the repair tool.  :-)
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Is the default home page defined as blank?  Is history set to zero days?  Autocomplete perhaps corrupted and needs to be cleared using the Documents clear process?  Strange.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Is there a RESUME icon on the desktop to complete the download?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
If you still cannot access Web sites (such as or can access only certain Web sites, you may have a HOSTS file that prevents you from resolving the correct URL address. HOSTS files are used for name resolution. For additional information, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q219843 Problems Using Internet Explorer with Incorrect Hosts File
I think the repair and/or cleanup will help. If not:
Go to Tools>Internet Options, click the Advanced tab and change the "reuse windows for launching shortcuts" to on or off. See if it makes any difference.

Backup the registry and/or export the following keys:
go to Start>Run, type regedit. Navigate to:

make sure the (Default) value in the right pane is opennew.

Then export this key and compare it to mine:







@="\"C:\\PROGRA~1\\INTERN~1\\iexplore.exe\" %1"

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
WINUP-Third-Party Products That Conflict with Windows Update

The following utilities may need to be disabled or completely uninstalled before connecting to the Windows Update site. This list will be updated as more information becomes available. For instructions on how to disable or uninstall any of the utilities listed, please contact the manufacturer of the utility.
Anti Virus Software
Norton Anti-Virus
McAffee Anti Virus
Web Accelerators or Download Assistants
At Guard
Get Right
Internet Boost 99
Web Cellerator
Net Sonic Pro 2.0
Micrografx Flowcharter 7
Fast Net 99
Web Turbo
Internet Boost 99
Web Early
Bonzi Buddy
Micro Surfer
No More Ads
Turbo Explorer
For more information on Proxy servers or firewalls that may cause errors at the Windows Update site, please see the following article:

Q241783 Errors Using Windows Update Through a Proxy Server or Firewall
WINUP-Err Msg: "Cannot Display Page"
Periodically the Windows Update Team refreshes the Windows Update site with new controls or site architecture. When this happens, you may still have an earlier version of the site control in your browser cache or in the WindowsUpdate folder, which may cause this error message to occur.
Empty out the Temporary Internet Files and History and delete the configuration files within the WindowsUpdate folder. Then remove and reinstall the Windows Update ActiveX control. The WindowsUpdate folder and the ActiveX control will be restored using new copies of their files from the Windows Update Site once the Product Catalog can be accessed successfully.
If you continue to receive the Cannot Display Page error, disable any anti-virus software or Internet filter software which may interfere with the download of the Windows Update control. For additional troubleshooting steps, see:

Q194177 Description of the Internet Explorer Repair Tool
Q241783 WINUP-Errors Using Windows Update Through a Proxy Server or Firewall
Q241234 WINUP-Third Party Products That Conflict with Windows Update


From within WindowsUpdate, Support - Known Issues:

Back to Windows Update

Windows Update Known Issues

Following are known issues with the Windows Update Web site. If you find a problem that is not listed below, please let us know by clicking Write Us on the black toolbar, and then clicking Windows Update.
Windows Update refreshes the Product Updates catalog every time you visit this area of the site. This enables you to see the most current condition of your computer. For example, if you download two new themes and then return to the Product Updates catalog, your view is updated and you no longer see the two themes you downloaded as available updates. These will still appear in the Show Installed Updates view, but will now be shown as installed.

You will not be able to use the left navigation bar while a download is in progress. This is to ensure that your download happens successfully. When the download is complete, the navigation bar is available again.

Some items you download require that you restart your computer. Even though the download has been completed, in some situations where open programs are not shutting down properly, a page continues to appear stating that the download is in progress. In this case you need to use Task Manager to close the programs and Internet Explorer, then restart your computer.

The links on the Windows Update home page will not change color after you have selected them.

If you have multiple browser windows open and click one of the links on the black toolbar, such as Support or Write Us, the information will appear in one of the browser windows. However, if that window is minimized as a taskbar button, you will need to click the button to restore the window.

Keyboard access for certain functions on the site, for accessibility purposes, is not fully implemented.

In very rare instances, if you choose to run multiple instances of this site and have the Product Updates control run simultaneously to check for updates, it will lock your browser for a long period of time.

After you download a component from the Product Updates catalog, don't open a new browser window while the "Download Confirmed" page is on the screen. Otherwise a script error message will appear.

In rare cases, when you connect to the Internet via a modem, you may see a script error. If this happens, try your connection again.

If your security settings are set too High, you will not be able to gain access to the Product Updates catalog. In order to use the Product Updates area of the site, you need to set your security settings at Medium or Low. To change your security settings:
On the View menu, click Internet Options.
Click the Security tab.
Choose the Medium setting.

If you receive a message about Critical Update Notification before you have logged on to the network or Windows, accept the notification after logging on. Do this by moving the dialog box, or by clicking Notify me later and then logging on. This message may appear only if your computer is connected to a local area network (LAN).

In Windows 98, if you have downloaded security patches or the IME/SR1 component, reinstalling Windows 98 overwrites the security patches and the IME code. However, the Windows Update catalog will continue to show IME components and security patches as installed. To reinstall the security patches or IME components:
Go to the Product Updates section of Windows Update.
Click Show Installed Updates, and then select the box next to the patches and IME components you want to install.
Click Download, and then follow the instructions.

In some cases, after you install Critical Update Notification, the catalog might not reflect the installation. Check Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel to make sure your installation was successful.

When you choose to install the Windows 98 Service Pack 1, the Outlook Express Year 2000 update (included in the Service Pack) is not installed. The component will appear as "installed" after the Service Pack installation is complete. To install the Outlook Express Year 2000 update, go back to the Product Updates Catalog, choose Outlook Express 4.0 Year 2000 Update from the Critical Components section, and download it separately.

The Windows Update site may appear in a language other than the language of your browser or operating system. For example, your browser and operating system might be in English, but the Windows Update site is in French. The Windows Update site appears in the language for which your browser's language preference is configured. To change the language preference of your browser:
In Internet Explorer, click the View menu.
Click Internet Options.
On the General tab, click the Languages button.
Select the language you want, then use the Move Up button to place your selection at the top of the list of languages.
> Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 1 and Internet Tools
Could not be installed because of an unknown error.

You need the whole package, not silly little file for surfing incomplete caches. Get CD. Register Legally!     :-P
> The Windows Update site may appear in a language other than the

ah, another famous breaker of MEchines
> ..and scanned for viruses..

Official Recommended (OR) action, that is why not work.
RTFM. When do install, do not run else, esp. A/V := inFamous breaker MEchines.
Do not know if this will help.


-2147221164 (80040154)    Class not registered.
stevenlewisAuthor Commented:
Wow good response! Let me address them one at a time. I will not be able to try any of these until Wednesday, as the machine is at work, and I won't be in til then.
Sandi, this is ME and there is no repair. It is not listed in the add/remove programs.
Asta, HOme page not blank, and history is not zero days. don't know if autocomplete is corrupt or not, I don't believe so as it works. No resume on the desktop, as it completes the download (The first 469kb part), just won't install. It will open any page, if I type in the url, just won't open when I right click and choose open in new window. Opens a blank window, which will surf if I type in a url. I don't get the "page can not be displayed" message.
reghakr I will have to check those reg entries on Wed. and let you know.
FlamingSword, please read my profile, I am not a newbie here, and am aware of legalities. You can get the update by going to windowsupdate. This is a legal copy of ME, with IE. I used fprot to scan, not an active
av program such as norton or mcafee. Beleive me I RTFM, and the update and OS are all in english.
Glenn, how do I go about regestering the class. It shold already be registered, as it is the M$ udate for IE 5.5

thanks so far all!
Under File types -
URL:Hypertext Transfer Protocols   edit  |  open

Try a    -nohome switch
also on URL:Gopher
"C:\PROGRA~1\INTERN~1\iexplore.exe" -nohome

DDE --           "%1",,-1,0,,,,
Application ----        IExplore
DDE application ---      blank
Topic --          WWW_OpenURL

stevenlewisAuthor Commented:
Bev, I will also check that out on wednesday
Steve the Class not registered thing is for compiling exe , dll's , ocx's and such. It usually has to do with components used for programming languages. If the class is not registered than that part of the component cannot be compiled. In other words it is internal to the exe and is something a programmer needs to be concerned about before compiling the exe not after. So I am reasonably sure it is not something that is related to your problem.

The Crazy One
stevenlewisAuthor Commented:
Thanks Crazy
This is more info than I think will be needed but I think the registry settings metioned at the bootom might be where part of the problem is.

When you click Start and then click Windows Update, you may be unable to connect to the Windows Update Web site. However, you may be able to connect to the Windows Update Web site by typing in the Address Bar of Internet Explorer.

NOTE: If you are trying to access the Windows Update Web site from a network, you may need to contact your System Administrator to have this option enabled.

The Windows Update link in the Start menu may be corrupted.

To delete and re-create the Start menu link for Windows Update:

Click Start

Right-click Windows Update and choose Delete.

Click Start, point to Settings and then click Taskbar

Click the Start Menu Programs tab

Click Add

Click Browse

Locate the wupdmgr.exe file, click it, and then click Open. You can find this file in the X:\Windows folder. If you are unable to locate the file, you may need to reinstall it. See below for instructions.

Click Next

Click the Start Menu folder then click Next

Change the name of the shortcut from wupdmgr.exe to Windows Update

Click Finish

Click Start and then click Windows Update.

If you are still unable to view the Windows Update Web site, the wupdmgr.exe file may be missing or corrupted. To reinstall the wupdmgr.exe file:
Insert the Windows 98 CD into the CD-ROM drive.

If a list of Windows 98 options are displayed automatically, then choose Browse this CD. If this list is not displayed, double-click the My Computer icon and then double-click your CD-ROM drive to display the list of options.

Double-click the Win98 folder.

Locate the file and double-click it.

Right-click the wupdmgr.exe file and click Extract.

When prompted to choose a location in which to save this file, choose the Windows folder and click OK.

Click Start and then click Windows Update.

If you have tried all of the above steps, and are still unable to view or download components, you may submit a question through Web Response by following the steps below:

Connect to the Windows Update site at:

Click Support Information

Click Submit Windows Update Support Request

Follow the instructions provided to submit your question.


:-P (sorry steven, meant direction @MrBill, not worker bee)

Although, for A/V, I 'assume' you scan when not install, but for those present, reminding to not run so much else when installing anything, including IE. A/V sometimes installs things low-level that do not uninstall easily - your symptoms, so far, seem to make that to not apply. IE 'free', but requiring registration. ta-da-ta (dum-de-dum-dum)

I wanted to caution on having had old S/W like IE4 or less B4 running IE install, but for ME m/c, assumed not case. Still, while you won't test for awhile, if you get online again between now & then, plz detail anything old, if any. For example Is it new clean machine with new ME, or has there been other upgrades? Beware Active Desktop anywhere.

Glenn link supports crack on registering, which seems in link to ignore IE and your problem, but points more at the other "easy-to-use" VBS and relevant add-ons, add-ins, (upgrades) and such, and how they get out of sync of a 'proper' upgrade path (unlisted).


Although I recall IE5.5 wanting hundreds of NEW MegaBytes of free space, I recall not the SP size that well, but I do not see in thread above anything really following up on:

"after the 469 kb download"

This is certainly symptomatic of vendor dumping initial file, that when executed, goes out and surfs web for more bloat to download. Which is where you bomb out. Possibly the precheck disqualified ME (I've heard of such, but have no details, hence I think CD is best bet, untimely as it must be)

If you use proxy and firewall, as experienced user, "not a newbie here, and am aware of ", I am sure you are aware that the .exe you downloaded, when it looks for more pieces of the install, actually uses a different method of addressing, and as such may (will) not find some parts through some walls.

While Glenn link seems IMO best recent clue, it titles at VB & VBA (which you complain on not) but thread points to no specific .dll or such as I can yet tell.

Some people I know advise dumping IE at this point and starting over. Personally, I've not had to back one out yet. IMO either ME has something embedded that is blocking, or, more likely, some other app. from a 3rd party like MS-Office or what have you.

Have you (they) upgraded FrontPage extensions? DAO? SDK?
My recommend is find/list (to self) what is different about the machine and COTS w/OS only.
stevenlewisAuthor Commented:
FlamingSword this is a clean install of ME, not an upgrade. I will have to check on the FP extensions. It is the bosses computer, and it is not the first time I have had to "fix" something on it.
Again thanks so far for all the suggestions
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Don't have ME, but curious if you can access/find the IE repair tool

start-run-msinfo32-tools; I'd consider also (if there), trying the add component process.

Some of the symptoms make me wonder if you have any sort of proxy software installed. For example, ad or cookie blockers.  Is this a possibility ?  What settings are in Tools->Options->Connections->LAN Settings ? Do they match your expectations for this machine ?
MDAC? (version conflict issue)
Is that this Wednesday chopped liver?
stevenlewisAuthor Commented:
Nope, tomorrow I will be able to check it out LOL
I don't know if this has been mention but there is a known issue with the Windows Update page loading and saying done but the page will be blank. This also can cause other odd problems.

Normally this is due to the Visual Basic Scripting Support being corrupted somehow. (You can download it from Windows Updates :) ) No, seriously instead of using the repair option for IE use the reinstall option and choose minimal and you should only need Visual Basic Scripting Support checked. And yes you want to reinstall coponents (IE will ask).

Hope this helps
This might help since I just read you don't have the repair option.
As I said you should only need the visual Basic script support.

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stevenlewisAuthor Commented:
Well we have a winner. Ajnin, the link you gave me to the download fixed it Thanks to all of you for your help!!
Good job all, and Ajnin thanks !!
Great job Ajnin!  :-)

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
":0) Asta
way to go Ajnin,,you da man :>)
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