Sendmail-----Serial three(4): setting

  i want to know more detailed menu to explain almost eve
ry SETTING & FUNCTION in /etc/ (especially with
the "Options" settings). i've searched it on www.sendmail.
org,but i am not very satisfied with what i found,maybe,y
ou can give me a good place to find the docs,thanks.
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The sendmail operations and installation guide is a very useful online resource. It's probably been installed with your sendmail, but if you want to read an html version, look here:

And the definitive resource is the Sendmail book

Sendmail, by Costales B and Allman E. Published by O'Reilly and associates, ISBN 1565922220

wingboadAuthor Commented:
ok,thanks,but i don't know what you said "It's probably been installed with your sendmail " means,i find nothing in
my system with docs or any guide about sendmail.
   i will accept your answer,thanks again
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