flash in IE makes high CUP usage

when i browse some web pages with flash in IE 5.0, i got a very high usage of CPU.

I am using win2000 and i saw the usage of CPU got over 95% in the task manager when i only browsed a page with flash. after i closed the window with flash, the problem disappear. this problem just happened recently. i don't know the reason.

anyone could help me, thanks a lot.
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you might encounter with such problem with those high quality flash movie. Does this happen with all types of flash that you encounter?

Perhaps you can try to upgrade to ie 5.5.

ezleeAuthor Commented:
yes, these are high quality flash movie. but they eat so much usage of cpu and i cannot do nothing anymore. it was not like this before and not even in win98.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
What you are experiencing is what my brother also found when upgrading to Windows 2000, and did not experience in Windows 98.  W2K wasn't really built for these types of multimedia things from all I've read.  

What version of Flash are you using AND did you confirm that it is compatible with 2000?

Flash Compatibility with Windows 2000
Product:  Flash
Platform:  Win
Versions:  4.0 and above
Flash and the Flash Player have been tested on and are compatible with the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.
For more information, visit the Flash 4 system requirements.... check this link:


Good luck,

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Kahlean's information is excellent, by the way.  Not only would I upgrade to IE 5.5, but make sure also that you implement Service Patch 1, it fixed memory leaks.  From either WindowsUpdate or here:



P.S.  Hi, Kahlean
I am amazed about the agressive beheaviour of flash 'enhanced' web pages.  Right now, the flash window from EE-Knowledgebase-Pro on this very page i am entering this text consumes 5 to 10% cpu cycles on my 600MHz P3 system.

I guess we have to start looking for a flash-surpressor in order to keep things running.  Or maybe just a complete de-install of the flash plugins in the browser.  The name 'plugin' suggests it should be easy to plug it out again.  Any experience here?  I don't think upgrading to msie 5.5 will do much good about cpu cycles consumption by flash, but maybe we do get more control?

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
IE 5.5, even with SP2 had some odd issues, all of which I experienced to have been resolved once I upgraded to the final release of IE version 6 from here:  


I, personally, enjoy using IE plugin viewers to see and do things as in the past with my personally customized version of this browser.  So I found that IE 5.5 caused a problem with a number of my plugins, so after upgrading to IE 6.0, I found that updating my Viewers as follows, including the Adobe viewer which I need for some images and interfaces, as well as the updated version of Quicktime (version 5), all my previous plug in support worked better than before ... and I've had improved performance in general.

Hopefully this will serve you as well.

Adobe SVG Viewer link where you can download if needed, or test to see if installed:


Quicktime 5

Best of luck, let us know.


Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I upgraded to IE 6.0 final release from this link:

Then ran WindowsUpdate to get all fixes/patches installed and rebooted.

Then REINSTALLED Browser Plugins which were uninstalled from the upgrade and, in my case I needed these (links included), which I list below:

Adobe SVG Viewer link where you can download if needed, or test to see if installed, my flash 5 components and all others, now work fine:


Quicktime 5

Best of luck, hope yours turns out as well as mine did.


Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I just downloaded a couple of plugins that have made additional improvments in my new IE 6 browser, and updates to Shockwave, and flash plugin support, absolutely outstanding results so far.   In case you are interested, here are the links:





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To come back at the original question of this discussion:
Is there any control over these plugins?

Can i disable flash (or any other plugin for that matter) if i want, and re-enable it if i want?

Is there any control over the amount of cpu power that flash animations can consume ?

I am so very annoyed by some of these agressive flash commercials, that are being played at some pages.  Some of them can be stopped by right-clicking and disabling the "play" control.  But i have even seen animations were this is not possible.

I completely disabled flash in despair.  So far i don't seem to miss much functionality.

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