Any FREE IIS space supporting PHP out there?

read the title pls.

I am too lazy to build one for testing and having too many paid spaces.

hehe. :>

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>> build one for testing
Heh, but setting up yout own is a lot /less/ work then finding a good free hosting provider....
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They run Apache. If you don't mind that (don't see why), F2S is an excellent choice
potatotsangAuthor Commented:
any more?

KangaRooCommented: but f2s is better, or at least faster. I don't expect you'll get any better bargains then F2S, PHP, MySQL, POP/IMAP no banners or popups and lot's of space and speed.

For testing I prefer running Apache and PHP locally, no messing around with FTP to upload files, fast and you can check the logs when your scripts don't do what you'd expect. If you follow the installation guides and out the stuff in the default locations they are quit easy to install.
potatotsangAuthor Commented:
thx Kang

i've done enuff experiments with Apache & PHP. And, i've experimented IIS+PHP 2 years ago and found it rubbish. now wanna do some experiments with IIS+PHP+COM nowadays BUT too lazy to build and tune one at home as my development server is doing sth else.

it's interesting that those freehostings don't reply my request...and still looking for one.

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