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Folks: I've recently lost thumbnails for TIFF files, but jpg, bmp files all are OK. I've tried registry hacks, but can't get them back. Any ideas? Preview pane is OK. I'm using WinMe.

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NavidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a page which seem to have a solution which I found:
Mark a TIFF file and hold the shift key and right click.
On the menu which will open, you will have a new option called "Open with..." Choose it.
Now find the program you want to open the files with. Make sure that the option "Always use this program to open the file type" is checked.
Good luck
Oh.. wait.. were you talking about thumbnails for TIFF files in windows Explorer?
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In most cases, a photograph has been captured and stored in an uncompressed TIFF format (using 8 bits for grayscale and 24 bits for color). This image is considered the archival version of the digital reproduction (not to be confused with a preservation-quality reproduction of the original). From this image, an access-quality service image (in JPEG format) and thumbnails have typically been derived. Thumbnails for use as inline images in web-presentations are in the GIF format. Many thumbnails are also available as uncompressed TIFFs. However, the Library is aware that some graphics software can not open the TIFF thumbnails. In some instances, the best image is not an uncompressed TIFF, but a compressed JPEG. As the Library increasingly captures images at higher resolution, intermediate serviceimages of differing spatial and tonal resolutions may be created for future collections.

Ensure you have the following info in the Registry:


RevbobAuthor Commented:
Thanks Navid - a very useful page.
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