Trouble installing PWS on Windows 98...

Posted on 2001-07-08
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I attempted to install PWS on my Windows 98 machine and got the following two errors:

Microsoft Transaction Server Set-up -- An unknown error occurred while making MTS specific changes to the system registry.  Error code = 0x800040005


Windows Setup -- Setup of "Transaction Server Core Components" failed.  The specific error code is 0xfee670

The installation completed itself but an error message informing me that the Microsoft Transaction Server had not been installed successfully was displayed.  When I restarted the computer and directed my browser at the server the page wasn't able to be displayed (error message in the browser).

A while back I had installed Xitami server on my computer so I could practice PHP.  I thought it might have had something to do with that so I deleted it but still no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Accepted Solution

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This error is a known bug.  The steps to fix the bug are at

You need to make sure your PWS is running.  Open the Personal Web Manager to start.  PWS usually remembers the previous state when you shut down, i.e., if you stop PWS then shut down and reboot, PWS will be stopped.  If PWS is running when you shut down, it will be running when you reboot.

If you're not connected to the Internet when you try to access PWS, you'll get a browser error the 1st try, just retry to get your TCP/IP stack initialized.
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Here's the process that worked for me:

1) Download the newest version of PWS from
  Yes, this is the NT 4.0 Option Pack, but it includes the version of PWS for
  Win95 which can be used on WinMe with the following tweaks.  After
  downloading Download.exe, run it and select the option to download PWS for

2) See
  Download the patch and implement per the instruction in this KB article.

3) Important!  Do a Custom install of PWS, installing only the Transaction
  Server component.  To do this, uncheck all the options, then check
  Transaction Server - it will add checks to the other components needed for
  it, but not the Personal Web Server option.

4) After Setup completes and a reboot, re-run Setup and add PWS.  Reboot after
  Setup completes.

5) PWS should now work.  Easiest way to implement using it for local copies of
  your web pages is to copy the contents of the entire local folder structure
  of your web site to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot (or the folder you selected during
  PWS setup).  To clarify, if the local copy of your web site is in
  D:\MyWebSite, with the default start page and all sub-folders located
  there, you copy all the files and sub-folders, but not the D:\MyWebSite
  folder itself.

6) If you are using ASP and your start page is default.asp, allow your file to
  overwrite the default.asp file already in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot.  If you are
  using index.htm or some other start page, you need to rename the PWS
  default.asp file so it is not the default page for the local site.

7) In your web browser address bar, type...

    localhost bring up your start page.

Other installation issues I encountered:

1) PWS Setup replaced regsvr32.exe with an old version.  Extract regsvr32.exe
  from the WinMe Setup files to C:\Windows\System to replace the old version
  that PWS installed there.

2) My linked .js files would not work at first because they were in a folder
  called "Scripts", but PWS comes pre-configured with a Virtual Directory by
  that same name.  So, references to that folder were actually going to the
  Virtual Folder, and the requested .js file did not exist there.
  Solution: Open the Advanced Options page of PWS manager and remove or rename
  the "Scripts" Virtual Directory.

Bill James
Visit my VBScript Page:
Revised 29/Oct/2000 20:54

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ID: 6263535
Note the above will solve similar problems for Win95, 98 and ME.

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ID: 6263766
yes.. since the bug was in the setup dlls..

Author Comment

ID: 6263886

I'm having a little trouble finding the "Mtssetup.dll" file (it's not in the "PWS" folder on my Windows 98 CD).  The fix wants me to replace the old one with the new one but I can't find it.  Any suggestions?
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Mtssetup.dll is located here assuming your CD-Rom drive is F:\


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You cannot replace the dll onto your cd. You got to copy the entire folder onto your harddisk and then replace it. Run setup from your harddisk.

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There should have a total of 65 objects in your PWS folder. If not the perhaps you have to download the installer. You can download it from the first link I supplied in the earlier comment.


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ID: 6263917
Maybe your Windows Explorer is set to hide system files.  You can change that by changing the View settings for the folder options in Windows Explorer.

I just checked both a W98 CD and the NT Option Pack, and the mtssetup.dll file is present in exactly the directories listed in the KB article (both 98 and NTOPT).

Good luck with this.  I'll be unable to check back in until late tomorrow.

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ID: 6265808

After changing the view settings to in the Windows Explorer I was able to see "mtssetup.dll" and replace it and do what seemed to be a correct installation of PWS.

However, when I typed "http://localhost" into the address bar it came back with "Page cannot be displayed" (this is while I was connected to the internet and from what I could tell PWS was running and I tried this several times).

I'm not sure if things are working or not.  Any ideas?

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ID: 6266117
Well, I'm still not sure what I did but after reinstalling and restarting the computer and messing around with the PWS Manager (don't ask me what I did), it started working.

Thanks to all for the help.

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