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I am running Win2000 on a dual boot with Win98, when booting up to Win2000 I recieve the following error message
"The procedure entry point ThunkConnect32 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL"

How can I get rid of this error message? Once I click OK everything seems to run just fine, I would like to keep that from poping up on every boot.

Here is the history leading up to the error message.
upon installing the video card (Abit Siluro GF2, Geforce2 MX chipset) I did recieve the error message, something about missing NVARCH32.DLL from the NT system folder, (click OK and everything seemed OK but I wanted to get rid of it) anyway I found that file on the driver disk and copied it to the folder that it said it was missing from, that error message disappeared.
Now I get the new error message and I cannot find any file by that name on any of the drivers disk.
I was getting the (missing NVARCH32.DLL) and did a reinstall of Win2000 to get rid of it, it did not show up again until I installed the drivers for the video card.

If you need any system specs just ask.
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You can approach this several ways, but the ThunkConnect32 DLL is part of the Win9x driver package.

Try unregistering both the ThunkConnect16 and 32 DLL's and then download the 2000 driver package.



Explain this:
"unregistering both the ThunkConnect16 and 32 DLL's"


I assume the error is because I manually copied the NVARCH32.DLL to the NT system folder

I can delete that but then I get the first error message back.
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ThunkConnect32 - ThunkConnect32 (KERNEL32)
#include <windows.h>

UINT ThunkConnect32
     struct ThunkDataCommon *TD,
     LPSTR thunkfun16,
     LPSTR module16,
     LPSTR module32,
     HMODULE hmod32,
     DWORD dwReason

struct ThunkDataCommon *TD
[In/out] thunkbuffer.
LPSTR thunkfun16
[In] win16 thunkfunction.
LPSTR module16
[In] name of win16 dll.
LPSTR module32
[In] name of win32 dll.
HMODULE hmod32
[In] hmodule of win32 dll.
DWORD dwReason
[In] initialisation argument.
Connects a 32bit and a 16bit thunkbuffer.

Hmmm.  From what I've been reading this appears to be some sort of internet explorer problem that has been happening since Win95.  The following is advice from another msg board:
Troubleshooting Internet Mail and News Setup

Article ID: Q154880


You can set up Internet Mail and News by double-clicking the Mailnews.exe file, or by installing the typical (Msie301r.exe) or full (Msie301mnt.exe) release of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.01.

The W95inf16.dll, W95inf32.dll, Advpack.dll, and _isetup.exe files are used only during installation and are deleted along with the temporary folder when installation is finished.


The W95inf16.dll and W95inf32.dll files do not match, or you have multiple versions of these files on your hard disk. To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

- Search your drive for these files and rename or delete all that are found.

- Double-click the executable file you downloaded to run the installation again.

[Complete article at]


not even close .........

I did the same search and came up with the same results, and none apply here.

I know this has something to do with the video driver but I can't get rid of it (error message)


keep digging and since you have more patience then I do you may find the correct solution

Will do boss!  :-)

Go to a command prompt, then type

regsvr32 /u thunkconnect32<enter>



will it do any harm having the file NVARCH.DLL manually copied into the WINNT\System32 folder?
Wwhen I removed it then the ThunkConnect error went away, but then the error about missing "NVARCH32" popped up.

I can get rid of it by going into the registry and preventing the GraphicMax program from loading at boot. I have been playing around with this trying to figure out the lesser of all the evils.
I see no problems with leaving the GraphicMax off at boot and may go this route.

What would be your suggestion?

Well, with enough info, you can try all the combinations and see what works best.

Try registering nvarch.dll and see if that works.

regsvr32 nvarch.dll<enter>


It is working OK at this point, I will try new drivers when I get it online but I think the drivers on Abits site is the same as the ones on the CD.

Oh well, at least the error messages are gone and I can see no loss of performance
Cool Ray! Well Done!


thank you for your help

And thank you Huntress58 for your help too.

Sorry I coulndn't have been more help.  Still too tired to think straight.  LOL  I couldn't find a dang thing in the KB either.  I think I'm going to go watch a movie now where I can do less harm.  :-D  Good job Den.  You da man!
Thanks Gang!

Delete it Ray.  Really.  I wasn't any help and you know it.  I only posted what you, yourself had already found.  I really appreciate the thought though and you are to kind to offer.  God I just love you guys to death!  ;-)


I will leave it until next month, maybe you will accept it then.

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