delphi login program

This is a strange question i know but i hope someone can help as i have posted enough points.

Has anyone seen the film "Hackers", well if you have then you will hopefully know what i am talking about!

When dade logins in to elingson mineral you see a cool logon screen. Is there any way in which someone can copy that screen or tell me where i can get a GOOD picture of it so i can create a logon porgram like it in delphi?


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Hi Hugh34

I can only suggest you visit this site:

And check through the pictures and multimedia links there to see if there is anything that is of interest to you.

If not, then perhaps you could email the site owner and they might be able to provide you with the screen-shot that you require since they seem to have the equipment to "grab" the screens.

I hope this of help and more in line with what you asked.
hugh34Author Commented:
or an alternative would be to create something similar to that login screen!!!
Logon to what? Windows? Your own app?

Windows would be tough (maybe impossible from Delphi) but for your own app then it's just a case of graphics and multimedia

The Neil =:)
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you might rent the dvd and take a nice snapshot ...
The GINA  (Graphical Identification and Authentication) module is what provides the interface for logon. This certainly doesn't appear to be a trivial task to me anyway.

This is a long URL, but it's all one line if it wraps here:

hugh34Author Commented:
All i am talking about is a form designed to look identical to that of the hackers one, or something similar which looks cool
hugh34Author Commented:
i would put this program into t5he registry under run services and it will load when windows loads!! i don't require a complex program!!!
"so i can create a logon porgram
like it in delphi?"  <- this part of the question sure sounded like it needed to handle authentication :)

If you put it in registry, it will start "in seperate process", after explorer loads. under windows NT (2000, XP), you can do this using GINA, as krainey said (i didn't tried this, but think, it wouldn't be easy).

There is one more chance, that works under win9x/me too.

replace the line "Shell=Explorer.exe" in system.ini to "Shell=Login.exe", and write simple program (maybe using DirectX), that asks username/password. After correct login, replace line back programmatically (with TIniFile) to "Shell=Explorer.exe", and call Explorer.exe, then replace line to "Shell=Login.exe" (for next boot).

There is one hint: Explorer.exe works as shell (desktop, and start button) only if it already isn't loaded in memory, and "Shell=Explorer.exe"

Of course, you can rename Explorer.exe to some different name, and use "Explorer.exe" for your program :))

This works under NT too, but there "Shell" variable is somewhere in registry. I don't have NT at job, but if you're interested, i can search for it.
hugh34Author Commented:
has anyone not got any good pics of graphical logon screens, if so please post!!!

240 points for pics of GOOD graphical logon screens

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