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DLL STL Vector

I have my main header for my DLL, I export 1 function:

const CText __stdcall Parse (const std::wstring & wstrText, const in iLanguage);

My class CText contain vector, I got a problem.

How can I pass by parameter a vector from DLL to exe file?
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fortinericAuthor Commented:
find this article in MSDN:
HOWTO: Exporting STL Components Inside & Outside of a Class

>>  Exporting STL Components Inside & Outside of a Class
is that the right topic?   What is the article's Q ID number?

There should be nothing speciial for you to do.  i..e it should work automatically if you use the DLL version of the run-time library (RTL).  You need to use the DLL RTL whenever you share dynmically allocated memory between a DLL and an EXE where one of them alocates the memory and the other deletes it.  if you pass objects that manage memory (like strings, vectors, lists etc) between an EXE and DLL then you have this situation. i.e. code in one might allcoate and code in the other might free.  so you must use the DLL RTL.  Note that both the EXE and the DLL must use the DLL RTL.
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And the link:
http:// support.microsoft.com / support / kb / articles / Q168 / 9 / 58.ASP

Check also this link:
http:// support.microsoft.com / support / kb / articles / Q172 / 3 / 96.ASP

Those links don't work.  Even when the spaces are removed they still don't work.

The answer is very simple, are you sure these articles are right for the probkem?
>>Those links don't work
They worked fine for me. Look for Q168958 and Q172396. If you have copy of MSDN on your local disk, you can find it there as well

>>are you sure these articles are right for the probkem?
here is the summery of the first one from MSDN:

This article demonstrates how to:

Export an instantiation of a Standard Template Library (STL) class.

Export a class that contains a data member that is an STL object.

Note that you may not export a generalized template. The template must be instantiated; that is, all of the template parameters must be supplied and must be completely defined types at the point of instantiation. For instance "stack<int>;" instantiates the STL stack class. The instantiation forces all members of class stack<int> to be generated.

Also note that some STL containers (map, set, queue, list, deque) cannot be exported. Please refer to the More Information section to follow for a detailed explanation. "

>> Export an instantiation of a Standard Template Library (STL) class.
that isn't what this is asking for.

>> Export a class that contains a data member that is an STL object.
That isn't what this is asking for.
From my previous STL experience I think that if the class CText contains a std::vector from STL, the vector template has to be instantiated first. The rules for doing that can be found in the following MSDN article: Q168958 (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q168/9/58.ASP)

Both nietod and elcapitain are right, you should link to the same RTL version (debug or release) and you should instantiate the template.

Another useful article is Q172396 (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q172/3/96.ASP) as elcapitain said earlier here. Though, it describes the problems when exporting a template object or a class with a member template.
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