TClientDataset from ISAPI?

I have a desktop application written in Delphi 4 C/S with all patches applied.  The application loads information from CDS files into a couple of TClientDatasets.  Everything works great.  I then wrote an ISAPI dll that uses the same component.  It errors out on the ClientDataSet.LoadFromFile('myfile.cds');
I get an EOleSysError - Class not registered.  I know about STDVCL40.dll and DBClient.dll.  Both are registered and the desktop app works great.  Just not at all on either Win NT 4.0 Server with IIS 4.0 or Win 2000 with IIS 5.0.  How do I get it to load the file in IIS?  Obviously I am not getting to the classes registered in DBClient.dll where the loadfromfile function is located.  

UPDATE:  The Error is "EOleSysError - Interface not registered".  Everything is on one machine.  Delphi 4 C/S does not have the Midas.dll.  How and when do I use CoInitialize in the ISAPI dll?  I think this may be my problem.  The CDS file is in the scripts directory with the ISAPI dll with read/write permission.  On NT, I see no IUSR_<machine_name> account but I do see it on Win 2000.  Any more information I can give to help?  Can anyone give me an example of using CoInitialize with TClientDataSet in a Delphi ISAPI dll?  Thanks!
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How about midas.dll?
What else did you use rather than Midas ClientDataSet, if no thing, then you must copy MIDAS.DLL only as Epsylon stated and it needs no registration.
ClientDataSet working fine on my CGI applications
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MIDAS.DLL is good idea but remeber You need license for MIDAS.DLL, also remember that ISAPI runs is security context of IUSR_<computername> user and "home" directory is %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32 (not a directory where ISAPI is located), so when reading files from disk You must have apropriate permissions.
You only need a licence when using it in tiered apps, not when using flat files....
Epsylon You are absolutely right
Did you call CoInitialize(nil) when creating the DM?


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An ISAPI application is a DLL.

The difference between DLL and desktop application is that Delphi automatically makes a CoInitialize for exe files, while it doesn't for DLL.

You should see an error of the type

"A coinitialize call has not been made" (on my own words)

However, you don't see that error, but a 'Class not registered'


1. The server is correctly registered in the server computer

2. The visibility of the server. You might be trying to connect via a firewall or different network with no confidence relationship.

3. You TClientDataSet (DCOMConnection) points to the correct server

4. The server DCOM config to be sure that you're granting permisiions enough to run the server to the user under which the ISAPI is running.
Wildrider49Author Commented:
Worked like a charm!  Why doesn't it show any info on CoInitialize in the help?  Anyway, I am happy to see it working.  Thanks!
If it works fine, so whay you don't give him grade A?
Felixin > the error You are talking about is " A CoInitialize has not been called" the solve is add CoInitializeEx(NULL,COINIT_MULTITHREADED) remember that every CoInitializeEx() should have corresponding CoUnInitialize()
Yes, I knew it because I suffered it.

Felixin > no pain, no gain :-))) as we all know
You're right, but sometimes I wander why Delphi is making such a kind of things.

Why CoInitializeEx is called in a EXE and not in a DLL?. I guess it has to do with the problem of Initializing and Closing fron the same thread, and you cannot contro that in a DLL, can you?.
Yeah looks like DLL initialization problem. DLLs written in Delphi cannot read/write files/registry(in entrypoint method) that's what I know but maybe there are more restrictions for calling other DLLs. Controling DLL closeing section is easier.
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