Benefits/Drawbacks to Upgrading from Intra-Netware 4.11 to 5

My understanding is that Novell is a prefered system to NT for our wan use.

My question is; should we upgrade to Novell 5 from 4 to eliminate the concern/limitations with protocols IP and IPX?  If we upgrade what other enhancements would we beneift from?  What is the cost of the upgrade version (we have full license rights for our current usage 25, 10 and 10).  What drawbacks are there to going to version 5?
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To tell the truth, it will cost you pretty much to same or even less to go to Netware 5.1 than it would cost to go to just 5.  Novell is making it more attractive to go to 5.1.  What you would get in Netware 5.1 is pretty compelling or pretty mundane depending on what you want to do.  To have an ALL-IP setup, and having only one protocol on the lan is good.  NDPS printing is very configurable, performs well and it allows you to work with current printing technology.  Netware 5.1 allows you to configure the entire server from a browser portal, from everything like disconnecting users to rebooting the server to loading NLM's.  NDS 8 is a very robust, scalable directory allowing you to add your own schema types.  Netware multimedia server allows you to author and distribute your own video streaming solution in your organization.  5.1 pretty much comes patched out the box, so you don't have to worry about the multitude of service packs that you have to maintain as opposed to 5 which is on pack 6a.  LDAP-enabled E-directory allows you to publish or advertise whatever information you want about your organization to anyone in the world using industry standard protocols.  Netscape Server and Search server allow you to create and publish webpages and secure them either through LDAP, OR NDS.  The list goes on and on.  Intranetware is a good Network OS already, so whether you upgrade or not is up to you.
Dont forgett to mention the DNS and DHCP services that has done a major upgrade since 4.x (and they are quite important in an IP-enviorment)
HOWEVER (and I hate being the bearer of bad news) - IF your hardware is Compaq (about a year or two old) you COULD run into problems during installation.  THERE ARE PATCHES available from Novell that will fix the installation problems.

I just wanted to let you know before you ran into the installation problem and started cursing Novell for it when it's a Compaq issue.

Other than that - servers that used to have problems running NetWare 4.11/4.2 have been rock-solid with NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 2a installed.
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What problem whith wich hardware have you bumped into?
I am in the state to upgrade a number of compaq servers in a short time.
I have done some, and so far no problem, but I am not finnished.
It would be great to know the problem before they show up!

Compaq ProLiant/ProSignia systems using a Pentium Pro, Pentium II or Pentium III processor - specifically:

Compaq ProLiant 1600, 2500, 3000, ML330
Compaq ProSignia 200

Basically, the Java GUI starts up but cannot start GUI installation portion of the NetWare installation.

There are patches that you need to apply first - by placing them in the C:\NWUPDATE folder prior to NetWare 5.1 installation - one of the patches gets the general installation functional and another get's the Java GUI installation functional.

After that - there are several post-SP2a patches (DS7.51a and Timesync for PIII processors) that need to be applied.

Compaq blames it on Novell saying their code won't work on "older" Compaq equipment like I mentioned above (gee, I didn't think the ML330 PIII-633MHz system was that "old") but I have gotten NetWare 5.1 to install on several Dell PowerEdge models (Pentium Pro, PII and PIII systems) plus every clone I've ever thrown at it and a HP NetServer LH (60MHz Pentium upgraded to 90MHz) - something that according to HP wasn't possible to do...

Check out Novell's Download section for NetWare 5.1 - the files are there - or you can search the knowledgebase with "C:\NWUPDATE" - that should locate them.  If I have time tomorrow I will try to come back and post the exact file names on Novell's web site.
Thank you for the info!
I will give you some points for this valuable information!

Here are the links I promised:

Updated v5.1 Server Java Installation Files:
-solves problem with the Novell NetWare Java GUI functioning during install (all Compaq servers)

Updated SERVER.EXE to resolve Pentium III Timesync issues:
-fixes problem with time drifting when using Intel Pentium III processors

NDS update for NetWare 5 version 7.51a:
-this stopped an abend in DS.NLM on a ProSignia 200

NetWare 5.x In-Place upgrade failes:
-fixes a problem where NetWare could not upgrade from 4.x to 5.x (all Compaq servers)

You can find more patches (including installing NetWare on an Intel Pentium IV processor) here:
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