JSP question!!!!

on my site, i have a "button" called Members, when i push that button i want to make a call to the username/password frame, where i can write my username, password, and save my settings. How do i call this frame from my JSP-page and how do i obtain the two values to check if they are correct.
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That frame is popped up automatically by the browser if you request a page that requires authentication.
So you don't need to explicitly link to this frame, just have your jsp link to a password protected page (ie. your members page) on the site and the login frame will be presented.
username/password frame ? Is this an applet you have written ?

If not, then you just need an HTML form that you can sumbit to your login servlet or jsp. Something like this :

<form name="login" action="login.jsp" method="post">
Username : <input type="text" name="username"/><br/>
Password : <input type="password" name="password"/><br/>
<input type="submit" value="login"/>
have a link to the frame like
<input type="button" value="Button" name="B3" onclick='document.location="http://www.yahoo.com"'>

instead of yahoo.com put a call to your frame from username/password
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pattefarAuthor Commented:
no, the username/password frame i mean is the one windows provide. it looks like the alert-frame from javascript, but instead it contains:

and the checkbox where settings can be saved

it is not an applet or a frame i create. the frame i am talking about is used on alot of sites where you have to type username og password tp gain access
You can write an applet in a frame that looks similar to a Windows dialog, but if you want it to look exactly like one, your solution will either not be portable or require a plugin.

You could write a native Windows dialog in Visual C++ and invoke it via JNI, but it won't be portable and would cause all kinds of security issues.

You could also draw a windows frame in Macromedias flash and simulate the behaviour, but that would force your users to download the Flash plugin.

Finaly, you could use Microsoft Front Page Bots to obtain that behaviour, but Netscape browsers don't read MS Bots.
pattefarAuthor Commented:
Thx for the answer!!!
Thanks for the points :-)
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