Calling An MFC-Extension from a Regular Or ActiveX


I am trying to call A MFC-Extension from a Regular MFC DLL.

There is an AppWizzard comment saying:

Insert this DLL into the resource chain
NOTE: If this Extension DLL is being implicitly linked to by an MFC Regular DLL (such as an ActiveX Control)
instead of an MFC application, then you will want to
remove this line from DllMain and put it in a separate
 function exported from this Extension DLL.  The Regular DLL that uses this Extension DLL should then explicitly call that function to initialize this Extension DLL.  Otherwise, the CDynLinkLibrary object will not be attached to the Regular DLL's resource chain, and serious problems will result.

// new CDynLinkLibrary(ReadCodeExtDLLDLL);

So in my interface class which i export from my dll.  I created a method called init()

                                                  NULL };
new CDynLinkLibrary(ReadCodeExtDLLDLL);

This is the first call i make from my regular DLL to Export DLL.But I still have no luck!

Anyone any clues where I am going wrong?


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U should keep the HINSTANCE(g_hInstance) parameter (U can do it by saving it as a global variable).

And before any exported function of your dialog,
add the line:

it must be the first line in every function to be exported!

for further assitance, contact me. ..
What exactly you get?
resource missing or something else?
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