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Can I compress an Interbase database ?
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If you mean zipping an Interbase DB for archiving or storage, the answer is yes. If you mean running a disk compression utility while the DB is operational, I'd have to say no. Even if you could get it to work, I'd think you would suffer a major loss of access time.
no, if you something like in acces, its a sql-database not a desktopdatabase
You might also want to read up on "sweeping", which will remove garbage from your dataset.
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He may mean "how to pack InterBase database" the same way that you can truncate log and shrink database in MS-SQL

SChatelAuthor Commented:
Yes I want to pack Interbase Database, I find that you can make it by the command : gbak  

There is an technical article about that on the Borland's Internet site.

Thanks for your help, YodaMage, kretzschmar, Motaz    

Hi SChatel,

gbak can produce packed backup file. But it isn't possible to pack working database file.

Once an InterBase database allocates disk space, it never releases it, even if you delete all the data. The reason is that the shrinking (eventually expanding) would use system resources (CPU, memory) which may degrade database server performance (there is an assumption that you're not the only one connected).

The only way to "shrink" the database is performing backup /restore (either using gbak command line utility, IBConsole, or other utility - there are many).


"C:\Program Files\Borland\InterBase\bin\gbak" -b -v c:\user\bego\data\bike.gdb c:\user\bego\data\bike.gbk -user "sysdba" -password "masterkey"

will backup the database,

"C:\Program Files\Borland\InterBase\bin\gbak" -c -v c:\user\bego\data\bike.gbk c:\user\bego\data\bike.gdb -user "sysdba" -password "masterkey"

will restore it.

If you're still unsatisfied with the result, you may try to set page size to smaller value (1024 is the smallest possible) but this may degrade performance.


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Hi, if now you can use new Delphi 6's Interbase Adim Component (ibBackupService) to backup and compress Interbase 6 database.
See Demos\db\Interbase Admin

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