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I have MS 2000 server with ISA installed i also have a linux machine and 4 win clients 9x and 2000 pro. I want to involve to linux machine in the network more, up till now i can ping the other network machines and that is as far as i have gone.

Does anyone know how i can set the linux machine up to connect to the internet thru the ISA server. also how could i set up the linux to be a proxy server for the other machines on the network instead of using the MS server.

nt domain name testdomain
ip range
server ip
sub net
linux ip

redhat 6.2 installed

thanks in advance
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There is no need to even use the ms2000 machine for proxying at all. Just get pmfirewall from unpack it in a directory of your choice.
2. Set up two network cards on your linux box one external connected to the internet and one internal to your LAN.
3. Run the script that comes with pmfirewall and answer the questions it asks. If you have a permanent connection then answer yes to the question about starting pmfirewall on boot. Also answer yes to the question about  whether you want to masquerade connections for other PCs. And specify your local network range to the subsequent question.
4. Set the windows machine in network properties to have the internal ip of the linux machine as their gateway and also set the ip address of your name server.
5. Remove any proxy settings from Iexplorer and set it to just surf through the Lan but without any proxy settings.
6. restart your linux machine and start surfing.
7. You can later set up squid to do proxying for you especially if you want to cache pages and so on for your client machines.

To connect linux to Internet through Win2000 you would need Microsoft's IIS and you would need to do some routing (if you have all real ip addresses for your machines).

To make linux a proxy server, you would need to install a proxy server software on linux and that is SQUID.  It usually comes as an rpm on RH 6.2 and you can install it that way.  (Note that the port number for squid is 3128 and not 80 like Microsoft's Proxy Server).

Let me know if you need more clarification and/or help.

Good Luck,

If you want to setup linux to be the server, you will need to do a few things:

1) as mentioned by tdaoud, you will need to install squid for proxy

2) Setup forwarding on the linux box

3) Setup NAT on the linux box

4) Configure IP chains.

Before anything, if you want to use a linux box as your gateway (which is what it sounds like you want to do) get it working with NAT first.  Get all of the other machines to point to it as the default gateway, and make sure they can surf the web.

Make sure you get IPchains setup to give your systems some protection from hackers.

When you are ready, get SQUID installed - the config file is rather HUGE - mostly comments on what the settings do.  Once that is running, you can either set each machine to use the proxy by port, or you can setup a forward IPChain to do a transparent proxy.

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