Stop IE Favorites expanding/hidden seldom used entries?

Under IE that comes with Win2K and obviously other versions of IE it hides seldom used Favorites and provides a stupid "arrow down" at the bottom of each menu listing under favorites to see them all.  How can I stop this?  

I simply want to see all my favorites all the time.
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kahleanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi scottg,

i found another personalize setting within the internet option of ie.

1. Click on the internet option from tools (in IE)
2. Select advance tab.
3 From the list there is an option to enable personalize favourite menu. Uncheck it

Hope this will help this time

this feature is associated with win2000 whereby the most recent files or programm access will only be display. To turn off thuis feature

1. Go to start and setting and select taskbar and start menu.
2. Uncheck use personalized menus

This will do the trick

scottgAuthor Commented:
This does nothing for me.  My Personalized Menus option was already off, but IE still does the hidding.  I have tweakui and Itweak installed and stuff that might be conflicting and making my personalized menus choice useless.

Any other ideas?
scottgAuthor Commented:
Ya, that was it.  Had to restart IE.

glad i could help here, scottg.
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