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How to get present line count (like &physical page) in oracle reports

while generating a report in oracle how to get present line count? We are getting present page no from variable "&physical_page". similarly, Is there any provision to get the line number during page formatting. Is there any system variable pertaining to line number in any one of the oracle packages.
For example: page size is 66x80
page brake occurs after line number 66, how ?
1 Solution
if u are using Oracle Reports , Do this

1) write your Query like this

select 1 SNO, [column1, column2, column3,.........]
<rest of query>

2) Create a Summry Column in the Data Model of the reports in the in the same group as the rest of the columns. The source of that summary column (CS_1) should be SNO (first column of the above query)

4) Now in the layout model create a text feild in the same repeating group as the columns of above query and set the source of this text feild to be the Summry column (CS_1)

5) Every line now will be numbered 1,2,3,4 etc.

I hope it solves Your Problem,

Usama Munir
And for Ur question about page break if u want to page break after specific amount of rows do this

To add a page break:

1     In the Live Previewer view, click any field that is part of the frame at which you want to insert a page break.  

2     Click  (Select Parent Frame) in the toolbar.

3     Choose ToolsProperty Palette.  

n     before or after the selected frame:  under the General Layout node, set the Page Break Before or Page Break After property to Yes.

4     To set a page break after a certain number of rows of output on each page:  under the Repeating Frame node, set the Maximum Records per Page property to the number of rows you want to display on each page.

5     To display icons that identify where page breaks are set, choose ViewPage Breaks in the Layout Model view:  (icons display as  for page break before and  for page break after).
Sorr i forgot to add in my first comment, the summary column that u create , it's summary function should be SUM and source should be SNO.
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