Loop in Flash "set volume" sound object

 i've been using Flash5 's  new feature of sound object.
here i can only use a sound  that plays only once, i want that sound to play in continous loop... like 500 loops etc.  

 just because we don't put the imported sound on frame to use this feature.. we cannot use the conventional sound editor for making loops.  

 i just need a solution to make loops in "sound object> setVolume"  in flash, that controls the sound volume.

any expert tips ???


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jeffbeasleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I added the draggable volume  
the example file is at and named the
same as the other file was

I don't believe there is a way to do this unless you Know the set frame length of your sound. If you do know the set lenghth of your sound then you could have an empty mc that in the first frame has

sound_loop= new Sound();

and in the frame that would be equal to the length of your sound gotoAndPlay(1);

I am testing some ways to accomplish this without the work around.

I will let you know if this can be done


never say never
I got it to work
I have an example file at
called sound_loop.fla
and sound_loop.swf

The scripting is below
Hope this helped


function sound_volume (input) {
     if (_root.sound_loop.getVolume()>0) {
          volume = _root.sound_loop.getVolume();
function sound_attach (loop_number) {
     sound_loop = new Sound();
     sound_loop.start(0, loop_number);
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If you need additional help let me know I also have a file called sound_fade that may help
Brain-stormAuthor Commented:
Hi Jeff:
 i really appreciate yur help. but the kind of .FLA u offered isn't the kind of result i need,  

 i just want the volume slider working with a loop .. continous loop..  like whenever the movie loads , the music starts as it loads and the music plays continously in a loop with a volume slider ...  slide it down > the volume gets LOW and slide it up > the volume gets high.... if u can find a solution .. pls inform

 BTW: always send yur tips as a comment.. never propose it as an answer ,, u never know what are the requirement on the other side :)

 thanx again for yur efforts.

Brain-stormAuthor Commented:
Jeff:   you solved my problem...

    now i can actually set the code according to my need ,
thanks for yur help.

 Cheers !!

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