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re: merging several files into one file

    Yes, I am trying to help a friend who wants to put anywhere between four to eight different pictures on one page and print it out.  Each picture is saved as a .jpg, therefore, I figure he will need to import each picture onto a page, then, merge them together as one file, then, print out the page.  Unfortunately, I am not sure of the mechanics or step-by-step procedures for merging several files together into one file.  We have Corel Draw 9.0 as a graphics program.

     Any suggestions regarding this inquiry will greatly be appreciated.



1 Solution
Just open a new corel doc, import the images one by one, arrange them on the page however you want them and print. Dont have to merge the images into one. Just arrange and print.
you need to resize the pictures, should be clear I think but anyway ...

You can do exactly this with Paint Shop Pro - version 6 or 7 for sure possibly earlier versions also.

This program sells for about $60-70 (ver. 7.0 is current) at Best Buy and the like, I have been using it for about 5 years and I am very happy with it.  I wish I could afford to have Adobe Photoshop here at home, but I just cant put out the $$$$$.   Paint Shop Pro does everything most people need to do with images at home.

It is very simple.  You open up a bunch of images, and then choose "Print Multiple Images" from the file menu.  All of the images you have open will appear as thumbnails on the left side of the window, and a frame that represents the paper space that is available to print on is on the right.  The page that is shown changes with your printer settings so that you see just what you will get when you print.  All you have to do is look thru the thumbnails, find the ones you like, then click and drag them on to the page.  Once you get them there you can rotate them with a single click.  You can resize any image by clicking on it and dragging the handles on the corners.  You can place the same image as many times as you want, and this is handy if you want to make multiple copies of a picture without wasting expensive papers.

If you are real lazy, you can let the program auto arrange the images that you have placed on the page in a pile, it will resize them and lay them out in nice order.

You can get a free trial copy on their web site.     <<<<  home page for JASC  <<<  Paint Shop info page   <<<<<  download page

The download is about 29MB, so if you have dial-up internet it will take forever.
The program is $100 direct off of the web - so if you like it, go buy it at a store - you will save at least $30.

I am sure that there are plenty of other programs that can do the same type of thing; this is the one that I use and am familiar with.


Now that I see that you have Corel Draw (I read that and blew it off when I was writing) - I guess that you want to make that work, do as weed suggests.  

Sorry - BUT PSP is a great program for the $.

GMartinAuthor Commented:
    The instructions were out greatly for this project.  Each .jpg was resized after being imported into Corel Draw.  The same procedure was used for each picture.

     Thanks again for everyone's feedback.  

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