What is the time value means in Show ip route?

Which one is correct?

a. the amount of time that has passed since the routing table was created
b. a decrementing counter indicating when the next routing update is expected for this route
c. the amount of time since a hello packet was received from the neighbor that advertised this route
d. an incrementing counter indicating how long the route has been in the routing table since the last update

Pls. tell me the answer and why?
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svindlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
states that it "Specifies the last time the route was updated in hours:minutes:seconds."
On "my" routers, I can see that this could change to weeks and days as in "1w0d"
If the router is in weks or days, chances are you are using a link state protocol where the route has not had to be converged in weeks. In a distance vector the tables get updated frequently and the time factor would be in seconds.Therefore answer is d
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