Sending SMS using ASP

I'm wondering if it is possible to send SMS using ASP,and what are the components I'll need if there are any required.And any sample code??

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weesiongConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Try this link:

Wee Siong
Michel SakrCommented:
the link wee siong provided is good.. also I emplemented it this way on

The process of writing the code is like this:
We use a nokia device and the nokia cellular data suite (comes with a serial cable phone 2 PC) to connect
to the Device.. IN VB we created an application that:
1- connects to the database and fetches information needed to send the SMS.
2- connects to the device via the com port using the communication controle.
3- supply or fetches information from/to the mobile device  using the "extended ETSI Hayes AT command
parameters for SMS" you can find them @ (or html)

segafreakAuthor Commented:
Erm sorry guys.I need to put this qn on hold for a few days.Need to work out some other details first.
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segafreakAuthor Commented:
sorry guys i took so long to reply to this.

The thing is I have no more need to do the sms function. So to be fair I'll split the points among the both of u. Thanks for the help.
segafreakAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help
Welcome :)
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