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Intrusion Detection - Personal (collection)

Personal experience, PLZ,

What have you done (installed, tried), observed (seen, witnessed), or wished for? For your own personal gear.

For detecting intrusions, incidents, or defining permissable activity (ex: UDP ports, IM, remote control, remote access).

Let's make ourSelves a collection on EE.

Note: this is for situation Before any specific event, as you plan defense (or not).
1 Solution
SunBow as usual I have absolutly no clue what you are saying. Can you reiterate in decipherable grammatically correct English ?
SunBowAuthor Commented:
oh, you are: "currently employed by Satan, who commands you .."

<while there yet remains a beat of a different drummer>

> "Can you reiterate in decipherable grammatically
correct English ?"

No internal need to be quotable for publication elsewhere.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
(fwiw: quote included Housenet EE profile)
NEW Internet Security Report Now Available!

WatchGuard’s Threat Lab is a group of dedicated threat researchers committed to helping you stay ahead of the bad guys by providing in-depth analysis of the top security threats to your network.  Check out this quarters report on the threats that shook the industry in Q4 2017.

SunBow you crack me up :).. Where do you live ?
here is a good collection of IDS tools...

is that what your asking for?
blackice :- crap
zonealrm:- even worse

script kiddies get hold of stuff and can get in easily....

the best protected system is a open system
I'm using Snort which i obtained at This can run on either unix or nt. The setup on on linux is pretty straight forward. He here is a document detailing what needs to be done to get it working correctly on Windows NT/2000 .
why is zonealarm crap?

if the majority of the antivirus community (including several highly respected AV authors) recommend it, why would this be considered as a bad option?

looks to me like this comment was posted by a norton user!

I would recommend zonealarm, and tiny personal firewall for personal proximity security.

for IDS, nmap, snort, saint, satan (although it's a bit outdated now)

(oh and sunbow, I agree, housenet is a bit of an arrogant tosser)
Sygate has a free personal firewall

SunBowAuthor Commented:
>  Where do you live ?

...other side of your closet door...
What is your plan with this question?  Locked and open.
Community Support Moderator @ Experts Exchange
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Generally, this gets poor grade as easy question, but usually more points are offered for so-called 'easy'.

I am (was) more interested in your own experience, so have to reject joeymia for proposing that I go read someone else's text. I do enough of that already. But I was very happy about the Snort reference, for it does not seem to get the attention that it might well deserve, so I encourage you to keep reminding us on alternatives, especially the ones making the leap from unix to windows. Perhaps we can actually get some real cross-platform someday.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
This is the best one of the bunch, from batkung, yet the whole thread is anemic, for my purpose, but there was my own inattentiveness. I'll PAQ batkung's mostly because of the combined contributions here, including the ones at the following link, which are more elaborate, and applicable so doubling the points (from 10 to 20) to include:
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