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New to Delph 5 (need help)

Hi, Ive recently upgraded to Delphi 5.

Ive written this app, and Im sure that there no problem with it.

But for some reason...when the app is running... It sort of "break"...like in some debugging mode... but it debugs... the ASM code... if I continue running the app..(F9)... it continues if there was no problem...

What is this...and can I turn it off.? Does this mean that these a bug in my program..?


1 Solution
If you press f12 during program execution it halts the program and displays the CPU window. Pressing f9 will restart program execution.

I've never used this feature and I'm uncertain and how to turn it off. I assume you ran across it in the usual way, trying to access the code window while you thought you were viewing your form in the IDE during a debug session. Just make sure you are in Delphi and not your application and you won run into this.
or it could be that you have inadvertently set a break point in your program.  i'd suggest looking through you code for any red dots on the left hand border of the code view (where you normally see the blue dots)

Tom KnowltonWeb developerCommented:
Check your .DOF file.  Meaning, if your project file is called Project.DPR, then check your Project.DOF file in the same directory.

Sometimes Delphi does not clean this file properly and you'll find a breakpoint section that references non-existent breakpoint lines (that perhaps were once set but you removed).


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Tom KnowltonWeb developerCommented:
The .DOF (Delphi Option File) is a simple text file that tracks special compilation options (pg 72 of Mastering Delphi 3).

The .DSK file may also have an invalid breakpoint section.

I think between the two you will find a possible answer.

Easier way to find (unwanted) breakpoints:
View --> debug windows --> breakpoints
Or press Ctrl - Alt - B

So you won't have to look through all your code.

Goodluck, Nico

Tom KnowltonWeb developerCommented:
I am familiar with View - Debug Windows - Breakpoints, and that is the normal way to remove breakpoints.


Sometimes this does not clear ALL of the breakpoints.

Either the .DOF or .DSK files can refer to breakpoints (erroneously) and you have to clear out the [breakpoints] section in these files manually, or else the breakpoints will never go away.
CyberKnightAuthor Commented:
Hi KnowIton I think that you are actually right, my problem must definitely have been with the invalid breakpoints. Clearing out the [breakpoints] section in the .DOF file is the answer.

I dont think that I accidentlly hit F12 when running the app. (Wow, I didnt know that F12 during the running of the project actually did that, Thanx Revdmv.)

But KnowIton, even if there is an invalid breakpoint, should it break in "Delphi" and not to the ASM code..??
Tom KnowltonWeb developerCommented:
I think the only symptom of having a corrupt .DOF / .DSK file is that it stops in the Delphi code on a line that does NOT have a breakpoint set.

Normally, it would not break in the ASM code.
CyberKnightAuthor Commented:
OK, thanx...

Anyway...Im sure now these .DOF /.DSK files have been giving me hassles, so Tom gets the points...

Thanks for your help guys !!!!

CyberKnightAuthor Commented:
Thanx for your help!!!!!!
Tom KnowltonWeb developerCommented:
You're welcome!
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