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Posted on 2001-07-14
Last Modified: 2006-11-17
I am doing a project in Java that deals with random file. I am suppose to use buttons to browse, next, previous etc. However, I am having a problem implementing the next,previous, browse, buttons. Could u help me please or refer me a site.

Question by:rwhittle

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u can do that by 2 types
1 . adding a hidden field n then transfering the prevoius data
2. by using cookies
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ID: 6283157
i can write u a sample code but youll have to explain what u need from the buttons to do.

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ID: 6285331

     Please post the question elaborately. so that I can find u a solution.

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code the program in such a way that everytime user sends a request it should contain values to identify the type of button user has clicked .
i suppose u r using send these values as form parameters.
then write the servlet prog as u want.

Author Comment

ID: 6286530
Mr/Mrs Nushi

I would really appreciate if you could sent me sample codes.
First of all the records are stored in a file.

a. I need the code to browse all records
b. To goto to of file
c. to move to next record etc

When the use enters a record the file stores the strings but not the integers eg.

I enter John Brown, 96q1000, history
the file is storing history, John Brown but not 96q1000

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ID: 6333255

im sorry, im wasnt here for a while ill write you some sample code today.

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ID: 6333270
i will wirte you a full application for more points.
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 6337541
//this class will show you how to use JList to move throw the records.
//you can use the buttons to navigate throw the list or to
//search specific item in the list by the search button.
//you will also need to copy and paste the following file:
//just copy it as it is and name it Nushi.txt

-- file starts here without this line

###      Save this file as:
###      Nushi.txt
###      the records are in the following format:
###      RecordIndex = RecordText
###      when we use the next/back button we just take the previuos/next
###      record. when we do search we get back the record index

Record0 = this is the text for record 0
Record1 = place here any text you want to set for record 1
Record2 = record 2 is just this text
Record3 = place here record 3 text
Record4 = are you sure you want to choose record 4?
Record5 = why did you choose me (record 5)
Record6 = whats up man? how are you doing today?

-- end file dont copy this line

//java class and again copy and paste it as it is
//and then adjust it to your needs.

import java.util.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.event.*;
import javax.swing.border.*;
//in the class i used properties due to
//the fact that i dont exactly what u tring to do
//im reading and writing to a property file.
 * This class implements Frame window
 * and the class functions for browsing
public class NushiBrowser {
      private JFrame            g_mainFrame = new JFrame();
      private Properties      g_prop = new Properties();
      private File            g_file = new File("Nushi.txt");
      private JList            g_list  = null;
      private JDialog            g_dialog= null;
      private JTextField      g_search= new JTextField();
      private JTextArea      g_text      = new JTextArea();
      private JScrollPane g_textScroll= new JScrollPane(g_text);
      private JPanel      g_buttonsPanel = new JPanel();
      private JPanel  g_bottomPanel  = new JPanel(new GridLayout(2,1));
      private JLabel      g_label  = new JLabel("No messages yet");
      private JButton      g_browse = new JButton("Search");
      private JButton      g_back       = new JButton(" Back ");
      private JButton      g_next       = new JButton(" Next ");
       * Default CTOR
      public NushiBrowser(){
            initFrame("Nushi's sample");
       * THis function wll draw the frame
      public void initFrame(String p_title){
            Dimension d=g_mainFrame.getToolkit().getScreenSize();
            g_mainFrame.setBounds(d.width/4, d.height/4, d.width/2, d.height/2);
            g_mainFrame.getContentPane().setLayout(new BorderLayout());
            g_mainFrame.getContentPane().add(g_list                  , BorderLayout.WEST);
            g_mainFrame.getContentPane().add(g_textScroll      , BorderLayout.CENTER);
            g_mainFrame.getContentPane().add(g_bottomPanel      , BorderLayout.SOUTH);
            g_back.addMouseListener(new myBackLister());
            g_next.addMouseListener(new myNextLister());
            g_browse.addMouseListener(new myBrowseLister());
      //                              CODE FOR SEARCH                              //
      public void initSearchDialog(){
            JLabel            l_label  = new JLabel("Insert record to search");
            JButton            l_button = new JButton(" Search ");
            g_dialog = new JDialog( g_mainFrame , "Search record" );
            l_button.addMouseListener(new searchLister());
            Point      l_point  = g_mainFrame.getLocationOnScreen();
            Dimension l_dim = g_mainFrame.getSize();
            g_dialog.setBounds(l_point.x + l_dim.width/4   ,
                                       l_point.y + l_dim.height/4  ,
                                       l_dim.width/2, 95);
            g_dialog.getContentPane().add(l_label  , BorderLayout.NORTH);
            g_dialog.getContentPane().add(g_search , BorderLayout.CENTER);
            g_dialog.getContentPane().add(l_button , BorderLayout.SOUTH);
      //                        READ AND WRITE DATA                         //
      public void loadHistory(){
                  FileInputStream l_fin = new FileInputStream(g_file);
                  }catch(Exception e){
                  System.out.println("Exception in loadHistory: "+e);
            // Create the JList, set the number of visible rows, add a
            // listener, and put it in a JScrollPane.
            String l_entrys[]= new String[g_prop.size()];
            int i=0;
            for (Enumeration e=g_prop.keys(); e.hasMoreElements(); )
                  l_entrys[i++] = (String)(e.nextElement());
            g_list = new JList(l_entrys);
            g_list.addListSelectionListener(new NushiListListener());
            g_mainFrame.getContentPane().add( g_list , BorderLayout.WEST);
      //                        MOUSELISTENER CLASSES                        //
      class NushiListListener implements ListSelectionListener {
            /** You get three events in many cases -- one for the deselection
             *  of the originally selected entry, one indicating the selection
             *  is moving, and one for the selection of the new entry. In
             *  the first two cases, getValueIsAdjusting returns true,
             *  thus the test below when only the third case is of interest.
            public void valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent event) {
                  if (!event.getValueIsAdjusting()){
                        g_label.setText("Record Selected:    "+(String)g_list.getSelectedValue());
      class myBackLister extends MouseAdapter{
            public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e){
                  int l_index = g_list.getSelectedIndex();
                  //we can go back only to the 0 index
                  if (l_index >0 )
      class myNextLister extends MouseAdapter{
            public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e){
                  int l_index = g_list.getSelectedIndex();
                  //we can only go up to the last index
                  if (l_index < g_prop.size()-1 )
      class myBrowseLister extends MouseAdapter{
            public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e){
      class searchLister extends MouseAdapter{
            public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e){
                  int l_index=-1;
                  //look for the record in the properties list
                  String Key = (String)g_prop.get(g_search.getText());
                  if (Key != null){
                        g_list.setSelectedValue(g_search.getText() , true);
                        l_index = g_list.getSelectedIndex();
                  if (l_index != -1 )


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