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I just installed RedHat7.1 on an alpha computer.

I tried to untar some files including kernel-2.4.5

It fails.

Does anyone run linux on alpha know why?
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How did you transfer these files on your Alpha ?

Normally this is a transfer problem.
If you use ftp to transfer the files you should it in binary mode.
Some browsers also convert some files when downloading (CR/LF to LF). Or they gunzip these files. If you downloaded a .tar.gz try 'file filename' to see if it is gzipped or just tared.


I used ftp from another computer that I am using these files on (PENTIUN PRO).

I used binary mode.
I deleted and re-transfered the files several times.
I tried unziping on the PENTIUM computer before ftping to the ALPHA. (So it was only a tar file then)
tar -xf linux-2.4.5.tar
Does not work.
Does that tar file contains zipped one(i.e linux-2.4.5.tar.gz) like when you transferring on to alpha, name extension problem.

If it is linux-2.4.5.tar.gz use tar -xzf linux-2.4.5.tar.gz.

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I unzipped it once before I transfered it to the ALPHA.
It will not untar a tar file for some reason that I cannot figure out.

I have rh running on an alpha SBP, don't have problems untaring anything.  I transfer files using ftp all the time.
can you unzip and untar it on your pentium box ?
(If you have Windoze on that machine you can try with WinZip)

when you transfer the tar.gz file to the alpha:
can you unzip it ?

If you can't untar it on your pentium too then the tar file is damaged.
If you can untar it on your pentium and can uncompress it on your Alpha then probably your tar on the Alpha has a bug.


The problem is things are getting corrupt somehow.
I don't understand why.
Maybe a hardware problem.
KDE is getting corrupt also.
Anyone having a problem with that on ALPHA?

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