Uncompile VB6 code


I have old VB6 .exe file, which is running fine.
I would like to make some ammendments to my code,
but due to a crash I lost the source code.
Is there a way to uncompile the exec ?

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andysalihConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry fokes, im 200% sure that you cannot get your souce code back once compiled without the orginaly forms on your hard drive.

you can de-compile the code but only read it back in machine code.

this will not help if you can only program in VB

so on that note im going to propose this and an answer unless somebody else can add and show a link.,

this has been asked many times before and on may other occasions the answer has been no.

sorry for locking this question, but the answer facility is for EE's who are really really and very sure of there anwer to which i am

many thanks

hope i havent upset anybody by doinf this

nope, you can decompile the source code, but that will only display it in machince code.

but you cannot get the physical source code back which you orgianaly wrote regardless to what any other EE tells you

hope this helps
You are correct, but not 100% correct.

You can't decompile the exe in most cases, but you can always disassemble it. Disassembly will result in ASM code which is completely different from VB code. A pure-VB programmer would be unable to make their changes.

The case when you can decompile the exe is when it has been compiled to P-code (psuedo-code), but I don't know of any tools written for versions higher than VB3. Since VB5/6 compile to Native code by default (which is a lot faster), I highly doubt that many people use P-code.

In any case, you did right by locking the question. You weren't completely correct, but you thought you were and didn't duplicate someone else's comment.
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2810Author Commented:
Thanks guys.
I will have a look through my back-ups to see if I can find  the source code.

thank you Kdavid, but i did actually mean dissasemble, i was at work at the time so i was sort of busy with other things on my mind,

i agree, i dont know of any tools that can dissabemble and regenerate forms or regenerate the CAB file back in to VB source.


I thought you might have, but wanted to clarify for 2810 just to be sure.

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