How Do You Know What CPU You Have?


I have a windows 2000 box at work.

I would like to know what CPU/Processor it is packing.

I don't get a listing when I click on My Computer | Properties.

I tried watching the PC while it boots, but I never see it.

How can I find out what Processor my computer is using if my computer has windows 2000 on it?

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kegaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
start button -> programs -> administrative tools -> computer management -> system information -> system summary
you should try sandra:

System analyser, diagnostic and benchmarking.
SiSoft Sandra is a Windows 32 system analyser
which includes benchmarking and testing modules

or for only cpu see somethng like mycpu from cnet:

Regards Barry

Click start | programs | accessories | system tools| system information
in System Summary your processor will be listed with the speed, along with a lot of other info.

Hope this helps
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er how its not relevent to windows 2000:

quote from article:

If there are no backup files available of the metabase, the only way to restore IIS functionality is to do the following.

1: Uninstall Internet Explorer.

2: Delete the Metabase.bin file from the %SystemRoot\System32\Inetsrv\ folder.

3: Install Internet Explorer.

4: Install the Windows NT Option Pack.

ive found several messages on google about this but no answer to solve it for win2k without having a backup of the metabase file.i would have thought reinstalling iis would have recreated a new file but it seems not :-(
oops sorry ive posted that last comment in wrong question :-)
you can also try going to start-->run and type winrep, then go to options, collected info
you can check it out from direct x as well. run dxdiag ( if i am not wrong about the name). It will shows tjhe processor type, speed as well as memory. The location fo the file is program files\directx\dxdiag.exe


Go to this URL  and expand the Intel Technical Data section of the menu. Select Technical Issues & Updates. Scroll to the bottom and you'll find both a DOS as well as Windows version of Intel's Frequency ID utility. Just click "more.."

By: tonnybrandt
Date: 07/15/2001 04:06PM

Click start | programs | accessories | system tools| system information
in System Summary your processor will be listed with the speed, along with a lot of other info.

By: kega
Date: 07/15/2001 09:39PM
start button -> programs -> administrative tools -> computer management -> system information -> system

Is this an echo here? Not to mention proposing answer. kega, please read the comment vs answer guideline below before proposing answer here

go to start->run->type msinfo32.exe you will get lot of information about the system
I have asked Community Support to review this question, as i feel that the accepted answer is too close to the comment i submitted earlier.

i am backing on you tonnybrandt, you are the one who suggest this first.

Dear Tonny and all community members,

I am sorry for that I didn't read the guidelines before posting my first answer; however, I am wondering why my answer being accepted even though I had posted my answer later than your comment.

I am fully obey the decision from the community and if they think is too close as the comment as u had submitted.

best rgeards,


Hope you get your points Tonny.
Maybe Steve did not even read any comments....
hi kega, tonnybrandt has brought up this issue to CS and it will be solve in no time. Maybe you didnt read tonny comment

>>I am wondering why my answer being accepted even though I had posted my answer later than your comment

This is the problem with proposing an answer here. the questioner has not access to accept other experts comment as answer unless he rejected the propose answer and accept other comment as answer. Questioner tends to make such mistakes.


kega, I realize you are reletively new here, and I woluld like to welcome you, but you need to understand the rules that you signed when you became an Expert.

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You have copied almost verbatum the answer that tonnybrandt had psoted eairler.

Thank you,
Community Support
kega: I brought this up in CS for two reasons.

1. To let one of the CS guys tell you the rules that we "play" under. If you had submitted your advice as a comment and it was accepted as an answer, i would probably not have done anything. It is the questioners right to choose the advice that helped him the most as the answer.

2. To let the questioner know, that he does not have to accept an answer that works, if the same info was given in a comment earlier. Fair play would have been to reject your answer and accept my comment as the answer, because they were almost identical.

Also i hope that you don't get offendet by my action, because a lot of teamwork is used at this site and i hope you will be a valuable member of this great site. I welcome you to EE and hope to work and learn with you in the future.

John844 and kahlean: Thank you for your support. It is appriciated.

Also as a side note: It was not the points, that mattered. It just happened once too many.

Best regards to all.
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