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use this code from the site i suggested below. What  you need is to create a vbscript and the newsletter will be send by invoking the script by a file or program called cscript. Integrate this to schedule task manager in the windows by specifying the time you wanted to execute the script.

kahlean, same url posted :0

It's okay cos sometimes I also did that unintentionally.

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ee_guestAuthor Commented:
Where are the other experts?
I am trying to gather more comments from different experts before evaluating them.
hi hongjun, soory for the duplication here. didnt really see it. But anyway, the code is good, i have tried implementing a a newsletter program in a vb project.

It's okay since I know it is unintentional. I agree with you that the code is good.

Michel SakrCommented:
To schedule email mainly you need to make a VB application or a VBS script that uses cdon't or one of the free mailing (or trial) available on the web.. read how to perform both:

How do I send e-mail from ASP?

There are several components that enable you to do this. You may already have one, if you have an SMTP server installed alongside IIS - it's called CDONTS. Here is the documentation and an article for CDONTS: 
There are also several other components available (if I missed any, let us know)
    Genusa's AspMail 
    Dundas Mailer 
    w3 Jmail 
    HTMLMailer / HTMLMailerPlus 
    Mabry Mail 
    AB Active X Mailer 

How do I schedule ASP files?

Use the AT command and Windows Scripting Host to schedule a VBS file at certain intervals.
First, change the ASP to a VBS file. This is accomplished by (1) changing the extension to VBS; (2) changing all server.createobject calls to createobject; and, (3) removing all <%%> delimiters and any browser-destined code (for example, response.write statement or client-side HTML). I didn't run into any further complications, but YMMV.
You store the VBS file in the filesystem, and use the AT command to schedule it (this actually schedules its execution with NT's schedule service). At a command prompt, you can use AT by itself to see a list of tasks currently in the schedule. You can use AT /? to find out all its syntax possibilities.
For example, to get a file to run every weekday at 9:00 am, I launch this batch file (the first line clears existing entries):
    at /delete /y
    at 9:00 /every:m,t,w,th,f d:\net\shared\getdata.vbs
Notice there is no web server involved; the file is accessed directly through the file system. Once I got over the "a user has to be logged in" and "the tasks have to be reset when rebooted" hurdles (both of which I believe are problems with the particular machine that is not under our control), all has been running fine for me.

or you can use a ready made application like world merge. I don't know if it ca be scheduled.. I mainly do a VB application that on a certain date starts sending emails to addresses fetched from database backend..

if you need more help.. post

ee_guestAuthor Commented:
I do know how to write emails scripts but I am using AspEmail because I am not using a ntfs partition.

Silvers5, because of that, I will not be able to use the NT scheduler right?
NT sched should work fine regardless of File system I think.
Michel SakrCommented:
regardless of the partition scheduling can be made on an NT platform or desktop (win 98..millenium)
you can use asp email same way.. if you don't want to shedule a VBS you can make a vb application that remains loaded in the backend and on a certaind day each month process sending tasks.. you can create from vb aspemail instances like:
if day(Now()) = "15" ' 15th day of month then
Set MailObj = CreateObject("aspemail obj name")
.. fetch from databases email.. send the emails and log somewhere in the db that the mail was sent for this month.. put a date stamp..etc

Set MailObj = nothing
ee_guestAuthor Commented:
I will try the code hongjun posted (siteexperts site) later.
ee_guestAuthor Commented:
I have moved to Win 2000 and am now using the code example hongjun suggested.

Thanks to all.
Use - it allows you to schedule asp scripts when you don't have access to Task Scheduler as in most ISP hosted solutions.


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