REP-3301 error

Does anyone knows the conditions when error REP-3301 occurs?
The report, that worked fine, suddenly fails on some PCs but on the others it still works fine. I didn't
find some pattern why is that so (Platform, registry settings, installations, ...).
I've found one korean page (Oracle Korea Customer Support Technical Bulletins), but I can't read it
(I speak croatish; my native tonge, english and german, but don't expect too much of me).

If anyone knows anything at all, PLEASE respond.
Needless to say, it's urgent.

Thanks in advance.
(I hope that this time the question is postered at right place)

Damir Sovic
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tvspriyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
May be this one can help you.


You are getting this error when running a report:

  REP-3301: Error occurred in'<RXGLER>'.  Returned to the event loop.


The REP-03301 an abnormal condition.

1.  Make sure that the tables and data that you are accessing are not corrupted.
    You can check this by selecting the tables in SQL*Plus or running your  
    report query in SQL*Plus.

2.  Make sure that you have privileges to these objects.

3.  Set the non-blocking SQL = off.  
      In report designer: Go to Tools --> Tools Option --> Runtime Settings tab,
      then uncheck the Non-blocking SQL box.

      NOTE:- When set to NO, other programs cannot execute while Oracle Reports
      is fetching data from the database.

4.  If the above steps did not work, look in the report's query.    
    You can just comment the user parameter line out and see if the report will
    run successfully w/out the user parameters.  If that works, then see if
    increasing the width for these user parameters will work.


1. Verify what version of reports was used to develop the report.

2. If an earlier version of reports was used, recompile the report using the
   convert tool to convert the report to an .rex file, then back to an rdf file.

NOTE:  Procedure on how to convert a report is detailed in the following notes:
       - NOTE:61519.1 Converting Reports
       - NOTE:66703.1 Batch Generation of Reports.


We have received this error on couple of occasions along with some other errors as show below. This happened when we ran a report report that is using Julian date formatting:

  REP-0612 - Invalid date mask.
  ORA-1801 - Date format is too long for internal buffer.
  REP-3301 - Error occurred in '<component name>'.  Returning to the event
             loop'<product code>-<<number>:<product error>.
  REP-1401 - '<Program unit name>': Unhandled PL/SQL exception.
  ORA-0001 - unique constraint <table.column> violated.

This happens when passing a parameter(s) that uses Julian Date output.

The solution we received from Oracle was:

Enforce the use of Julian Date Formatting, based on the format mask. Otherwise, when the user enters nothing, zeroes will be returned in the field causing the above errors.

Zeroes as input with the date format of dd/mon/rr results in these errors,since the report does not know how to process zeroes for MON format.

Hope this helps.
dsovicAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, not.
My error is : REP-3301: Error occured in Error checking (RXGLER). I've tried to find out what is that "RXGLER", but there is no mention about it. Even Google returns no matching.
Talking about date format, mine is DD.MM.YYYY, and is same in registry as in reports (Win9x/Oracle Developer 2000 for Win95/Reports If I have to use dates, I pass them with 'to_date()' function, and only if they are filled in and in specific format. On the other hand, other reports are using the same date format, and are working fine. And I don't use date as parameter.
User's input has nothing with it, as this error occurs before Parameter form, so user cannot fill-in any parameter.

Seems to me that Murphy has his fingers in this.

Thanks anyway.

Damir Sovic
dsovicAuthor Commented:
Thanks for Your effort, but the cause of error showed: clogged network!
Anyway, I'll try to give You both Your points.


Damir Sovic
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