resolution problem on aptiva pc

I booted up on the aptiva with win98 and it locked up.  I rebooted with ctrl-alt-del.  The pc  went into lo-res protected mode.  The screen said that after the first boot-up, I could reset to hi-res, reboot, and all would work.  Instead, I am stuck in lo-res.  I increase the resolution
and it skips the "apply" step (i.e., it does not test the screen resolution). Then it goes to "reboot-yes or no?"
If I press either yes or apply, I can see it resetting to lo-res.  I tried reboot with "Ctrl" held down. I have selected both "normal" and protected modes, yet nothing changes. please advise.
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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest trying the Win 98 disk. The restore disk may work but I have very limited experience using them so I can't give you a yes or no on using it. My only expeience with a Restrore disk was with a Compag couple of years ago. And that one reformatted...which wipes everything off the disk...and restored the system back to the way it originally was. So I am very cautious when advising others about using the Restore disk. However your Restore Disk may not do that, I just don't know.

Umm before rewarding the points make sure the solution works first. So give it a try and if doesn't work let us know and tell us what happened. :>)
Sounds like you may need to open the Device Manager and then look for the the "Dispaly Adapter" listing and then double click on it and then click on the adapter and then delete it. Reboot and have your Win98 CD ROM at the ready because Windows may ask for it so it can reinstall the video driver. You might need to do the same with your monitor.
osgoodusaAuthor Commented:
Where do I look for the device manager?
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Ok go to your Desktop and then right click on "My Computer" and then look for a tab labeled "Device Manager".
osgoodusaAuthor Commented:
Dear CrazyOne:
So far you seem to be on target.  One final question before I give you an "A".
I do not have the original win98 se disc for my computer.  What I have is another win98 disk with ID code, and the restore disk that came with the computer.   So, here's the question:
If I delete the adapter driver (labeled "sis 530") can I reload it from either the new win98 disk or the restore disk?
If you can fix this one I'll happily give you 100 pts.
osgoodusaAuthor Commented:
Let's give this guy his well deserved 100 points.  Not only does he speak the King's english, but he fixed my problem to a "tee".
Look alive, fellow readers: reae his responses to my questions.  I did exactly as he said, knowing full well that I might have to reformat my hard drive and reload all that accumulated software if I took that chance.  He was right!
I deleted the display driver, expecting to have to insert the win98 se cdrom or the rescue disk.  Instead, win98 reloaded the driver, re-identified the monitor as "unknown
hardware", and I rebooted to Lo-res.  I reselected hi-res, rebooted, and wallah!  All is well!
Congrats to GrazyOne for the perfect fix!
Keep in touch, CrazyOne.  I will need you in the future.
Bye the bye, fellow Nerd's.  learn how to speak from CrazyOne.  HE speaks real English, as it was meant to be spoken!
Thank you. :>)
Well done CrazyOne.  :-)

osgoodusaAuthor Commented:
I think CrazyOne got gipped out of 90 points.  Somewhere, I saw that he got 10 pts. When he should have gotten 100.
Someone tell me how I can fix THIS one!

Best regards,
PS.  CrazyOne really deserves the added 90 points for the quick fix he gave me.
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