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How to catch SQL Exception in ASP?

I have make a SQL Statement to insert into db:

strSQL = "insert into lgr_logreg values(" + strUI + ",'" + strPassword + "','" + strEmail + "','" &_
 strTel + "','" + strRank + "','" + strPosition + "','" + strFullname +"','" + strRemoteIP + "','2001-07-01','test');"

This is true that sometimes the user will insert duplicated Primary Key Value. So, how can catch the SQL exception of ASP or can i test the statement to return boolean for me ? like

trueOrFalse = connection.Execute(strSQl)

Error Type:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14)
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_lgr_logreg'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'lgr_logreg'.
/regpoint.asp, line 33

Please give me some code example. Thanks!
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1 Solution

StrSQL = "Select strUI from lgr_logreg where strUI =" +strUI StrSQL, conn, 1, 3
IF Not Rs.Eof Then
   Response.Write("Sorry canot using this userid")
strSQL = "insert into lgr_logreg values(" + strUI + ",'" + strPassword + "','" + strEmail + "','" &_
strTel + "','" + strRank + "','" + strPosition + "','" + strFullname +"','" + strRemoteIP + "','2001-07-01','test');"
End IF

WEe Siong
on error resume next

Execute (sql)

if err <> 0 then    ' an error has occurred
' now u have the error number and descriotion

resposne.write err.number
resposne.write err.description

err.clear     'dont forget to clear the error
end if

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Wee Siong
Howe about putting in some transaction management in the database and use raiserror when an exception occurs. You could code your insert statment into a server side stored procedure ?
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