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Is it necessary to setup a reverse DNS zone for localhost on a slave DNS server? I'm running BIND 8.X

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Each and every Bind server (primary and secondary) must have a local definition for localhost if you want ordinary Unix/Linux applications that use localhost to operate properly. And this is because the normal definition of localhost places it at which is a network that has been specifically excluded from all namespaces. So it is the responsibility of each nameserver to define the forward and reverse data for localhost.

For Bind 8 you need both a forward (A records) and a reverse (PTR records) zone file as well as the corresponding definitions in named.conf.
hmm, not 100% sure, I didn't setup my boxes myself, but I see I do have a local.rev file in the zone files directory, but it's essentially the same file as the one on my primary, but then again, it would be there if it's listed in named.conf ( BIND will copy them all over anyway...)
On my primar box in the /etc/named.conf file, I have a

zone "" {
type master;
file "local.rev";

The local.rev file is in my /var/named folder on the primary box as well as on my secondary box... So, I guess it means, YES, do do have to have one, but like I already said, BIND is *supposed* to copy all zone files to the secondary box for you, after all that's what BIND is there for...
If it's not doing that, then I've found that 9out of 10 times it's because there is something wrong in your /etc/named.conf file. Try the nslint utility ( search for nslint on google), it will analyze your named.conf file and report any possible hickups, mostly it's just a : instead of a ; or a ) instead of a }.

Whoops, Whoa!
It seems that I am wrong after all...
BIND will NOT copy that local.rev file to the secondary box as that zone extract I just gave you does not include the
allow-transfer { ; }; line

So, I think after all, it does NOT have to be on the sec box...
reason100Author Commented:
Thanks everyone!
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