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How do I get Internet Connection Sharing to work?

I'm trying to share a modem in the server with other machines on the LAN. I followed the instructions on MS web page, which is just to go into the Properties for the dial-up connection, then on the Sharing tab, set "Enable Internet Connection Sharing for this connection".

But it didn't work - the other machines couldn't see the connection. Plus, it caused the other machines not to see a shared folder on the server, so I had to disable the ICS and reboot the server to get back to normal.

Anyone know what needs to be done to make this work? Thanks!
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1 Solution
Check the following article:


Also, make sure you have only one host in your lan for ICS.  And also make sure you have two NICs installed.
oldbieAuthor Commented:
Why do I need two NICs? It's an internal modem with a phone line to it.
oldbieAuthor Commented:
Also, this is Windows 2000 we're talking about. Does it matter that the website you gave me is for Win98SE?
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You don?t need two NICs (unless your connected via DSL), you need two interfaces on the host machine, one to the internet and one for your LAN.  The client boxes need to have DHCP enabled. ICS is gonna set the LAN adapter on the host machine  to and assign IP addresses to the host machines in that range (192.168.0.XXX). If you are using hard addresses you?ll lose connectivity when you enable ICS. You can?t have AD, be a  DHCP or DNS server or be a domain controller on the ICS host!
Here?s a link to a W2K specific article on ICS.


If  you want to share to more than 10 clients, or need hard addresses,  NAT is available on W2Kserver  and would be a better choice

the machine you have connected to the internet is the gateway. set the other machines to use this connected machine as the gateway.

try this:
1. After you have enabled ICS on one of the machines
2. Go to another machine on the network
3. Right click on My Network Places and select Properties
4. Right click on the LAN connection and select Properties
5. Highlight TCP/IP in the Components window
6. Click the Properties button
7. In the Default gateway field enter the IP of the machine that is running the ICS

I don't remember if you have to reboot the machine....

that should be it.
I know a lot of folks who have had problems with Internet sharing in the past.  Give this a try instead (it's free)


You have to use the server with as a proxy server.
It doesn't mather if you're using a cable modem/modem or a T1-line.

You have to install a proxy server program on the server. I think winproxy is a great program(http://download.ositis.com/downloads/Winproxy.exe).
Install that prog on the server and use following settings on the machines:

Static IP: (e.g.
automatic startup for the winproxy prog

different Static IPs on each machine- start with
Use proxy server-setting in all internet-progs
(www:IP=   , SOCKS5:IP=  or
Also you can use as gateway

This should solve the internetproblems you have...

Good luck!

petemcc, "You can't have AD, be a  DHCP or DNS server or be a domain controller on the ICS host!"
-- you can have these services on the ICS machine.  the warning is that ICS changes the IP address of the machine to and clients will lose connectivity to these services once ICS is enabled.  You can re-configure the clients to point to the new IP address.

DHCP is not recommended to be installed on the machine because ICS creates a DHCP allocator which functions as a mini-DHCP server.  With DHCP service installed on the same machine as the ICS, there will be 2 DHCP services.

Technically, all you have to do is:

1. enable ICS
2. reconfigure all your clients' ip addresses to be within the 192.168.0.x range.
3. configure the clients' default gateway to point to the ICS machine.
4. Do not configure the browser to use proxy.  Just direct connection.
 You make a good point and it's true ICS is acting as a DHCP allocator without the full functionality of a DHCP server. But if you were running those services and ICS on the same box wouldn't you get conflicts on the internet connection which is generally DHCP enabled and resolving externally? The literature I have read plus my own experience has shown that other DHCP services can cause difficulties with internet connection sharing.

you are right with the DHCP port binding conflicts. I didn't know that ICS also installs a DNS proxy.  I had enabled ICS on a DC with DNS running in the past and everything was running fine.  This is what happens when MS tries to make everything easy and automatic.  It causes confusion and problems.  Whatever happened to running a plain old NAT daemon on a UNIX or Linux server.  So simple, so straight forward.
oldbieAuthor Commented:
mattyk, I installed the proxy program you pointed me to, and it works OK, but it doesn't cause the server to dial the ISP, when a station tries to get online. (It's a simple 56k modem dial-up line.) Is there a way to force that to happen? I can't have everyone logging in to the server to dial the ISP!

oldbieAuthor Commented:
Sorry I took forever to award points for this! The AnalogX proxy was a pretty good solution.
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