Give example for creating backup device and database backup using SQLDMO

I want to take the database backup using SQL-DMO.
I am using SQL-Server7.0 as a database. I am facing a problem while creating a backup device. So please give me example of creation of a new device and using same device give me the example of database backup.

Following is the code which i have wrriten

Private Sub cmdDevice_Click()
Dim oBackupDevice As New SQLDMO.BackupDevice
Dim oBackup As New SQLDMO.Backup
Dim oSQLServer As New SQLDMO.SQLServer

'Connect to the SQL-Server
oSQLServer.LoginTimeout = 0
oSQLServer.Connect "SERVER", "sa", ""

On Error GoTo ErrDeviceDoesNotExist
oSQLServer.BackupDevices.Remove ("ISROBAK")

'Creation of new device
oBackupDevice.Name = "ISROBAK"
oBackupDevice.PhysicalLocation = "C:\ISROBAK.bak"
oBackupDevice.Type = SQLDMODevice_DiskDump

'Add device to the SQL-Server
oSQLServer.BackupDevices.Add oBackupDevice

'Take the backup
oBackup.Devices = oBackupDevice.Name
oBackup.BackupSetName = "ISRO Database backup "
oBackup.Files = oBackupDevice.PhysicalLocation
oBackup.Action = SQLDMOBackup_Database
oBackup.Database = "ISRO"
oBackup.MediaName = "ISROBAK.bak"
oBackup.SQLBackup oSQLServer

End Sub

Above code is creating the device called "ISROBAK" but while taking the
backup (oBackup.SQLBackup oSQLServer) it is giving the following errors.

1. Cannot open basckup device 'C:\ISROBAK.BAK'. Device error or device off-line. See SQL Server error log for more details. Backup  or restore operastion terminating abnormally

2. From the SQL Error log : 2001-07-18 09:01:25.48 kernel   BackupDiskFile::CreateMedia: Backup device 'C:\ISROBAK.bak' failed to create. Operating system error = 32(The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.).
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hi rakesh,
   take a look at these codes below, this is how i did my diskdump from a sql d'base, it might be of help.

   Dim cmdBKUP As ADODB.Command
   Dim cmdStrBKUP(1 To 4) As String, cmdStrBKUP2 As String, cmdStrBKUP3 As String
   Dim devrecsetBKUP As ADODB.Recordset
   Dim devExist As Boolean
   ' initialize boolean variable
   devExist = False
   ' sql command strings to execute diskdump
   cmdStrBKUP(1) = "USE rentasalert"
   cmdStrBKUP(2) = "EXEC sp_addumpdevice 'disk', 'diskdumpDB', 'c:\DBbkup\BKUPDB.dat'"
   cmdStrBKUP(3) = "BACKUP DATABASE rentasalert TO diskdumpDB"
   cmdStrBKUP(4) = "exec sp_dropdevice @logicalname = 'diskdumpDB'"

   Set cmdBKUP = New ADODB.Command
   cmdBKUP.ActiveConnection = connectBKUP
   ' check if device 'diskdumpdb exist or not
   Set devrecsetBKUP = connectBKUP.Execute("sp_helpdevice")
   Do While Not devrecsetBKUP.EOF
      If Trim(devrecsetBKUP.Fields(0).Value) = "diskdumpDB" Then
         devExist = True
         Exit Do
      End If
   ' previous diskdump device exist, purge the diskdump device
   If devExist = True Then
      cmdBKUP.CommandText = cmdStrBKUP(4)
   End If
   For counter = 1 To 3
      cmdBKUP.CommandText = cmdStrBKUP(counter)


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