Printing behaves different in Win9x und WinNT

using the print-method of a FORM (Delphi4) in Win9x it prints (as espected) a Bitmap-Hardcopy, in WINNT it produces a empty sheet.

What happens?

Using my own Print-Routine (using the DC from printer.gethandle) its the same strange thing: in WIN9x all is fine, under NT I get empty sheets. A small difference to the Delphi-print-method: (NT) after get empty pages from the first print-job the next print-job prints fine, but if after change any of the printeroptions (for inst. portrait->landscape) it prints (for the first time) again empty sheet...

Another strange thing is, that the printouts got from the same code and the same printer in NT and 9x differ: for inst. a frame around the whole printable area dont have a right side printing under NT, but is OK printing under 9x.

Whats wrong?

any hints?

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have u tried printing a test page in NT? and check if the printer selected in the printer options is the hardware that u have... :)
I had a similar problem. Maybe the printer driver has different referances to the gutter and margin widths on NT and 9x and wouldn't print anything on NT. Do not have your print code read and believe the margin widths from the driver but create your own. Some printer drivers (HP850c for one) does this between 95 and 98 where 95 gives proper dimensions and 98 gives wrong ones.

nmmAuthor Commented:
Hi Steve
What does that mean: "create your own", do you mean I should create my own printerdriver? I suppose that will be unpractiable, because the program sould print on any printer with windows-driver.

If you mean, I should create my own margin widths, that will also be not possible, because this way I have to guess (or believe the GetDeviceCaps-Information) the printers resulution, the sheet dimension and so on.

If the GetDeviceCaps-Infos are usualy wrong in NT, why will the second print-job print fine?

For me it looks like: somesort of necessary initialization will not be done proper by BeginDoc und sonething is wrong until the first Print-Job is done. May be its possible to do this special initialization befor printing? The crux is, that I dont know what is to be initialized...


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if you are still there....
this is what i do and works ok..
    try //except
      try //finally
        Application.MainForm.Enabled := False;
        with Printer do
          if (Copies = 1)
            then Title := txtTitle
            else Title := txtTitle + ' x' + IntToStr(Copies);
          for I := Start to Stop do
            DrawPage; // Printer.Canvas
            if (I <> Stop)
              then NewPage;
        Application.MainForm.Enabled := True;
        Errored := True;
        if Printer.Printing
          then Printer.Abort;
> Another strange thing is, that the printouts got from the same code and the same printer in NT and 9x
differ: for inst. a frame around the whole printable area dont have a right side printing under NT,
but is OK printing under 9x.

Your 'printable area' is bigger than the 'actual' printable area and so your border is outside.

I was trying to say that you should not trust the GetDeviceCaps-Information.

Make your area smaller?
and do a proper printer setup before the print job..

// Assert confguration details
procedure TForm1.PrinterConfig;
  Device, Driver, Port: array[0..80] of Char;
  DevMode: THandle;
  PDevMode: PDeviceMode;
  Printer.GetPrinter(Device, Driver, Port, DevMode); // Get printer device name etc.
  Printer.SetPrinter(Device, Driver, Port, 0);  // force reload of DEVMODE
  Printer.GetPrinter(Device, Driver, Port, DevMode); // get DEVMODE
  if not (DevMode = 0) then
    PDevMode := GlobalLock(DevMode); // lock it to get pointer to DEVMODE record
    if not (PDevMode = nil) then
      with PDevMode^ Do
        // example: change the paper size
        dmPapersize := DMPAPER_A4;
        dmFields := dmFields or DM_PAPERSIZE; // force driver to re-select size
        // set something else
        // ..

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nmmAuthor Commented:
Hi Steve, thanx for this comments, finally it leads me to the solution: beside the differences of GetDeviceCap, which are explain the different behavior in printing frames, there is a difference in NT/2000 and Win98: If you assign the printer.handle to a variable DC:HDC, it differs depending on assignment before BeginDoc and after BeginDoc in NT.
I used such a "before-assigned" DC in what you call "DrawPage" (instad of printer.hanlde). In Win98 this works fine, but in NT the first time printing goes to a undefined DC.
After changing this (assign the DC-variable again after BeginDoc) it words in NT/2000 as well.

Glad I helped after all and thanks for posting that info too!
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