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Is someone know how to open Sybase Database without using BDE. Now I?m opening this database with object TQuery, but later I need to open it at the computer without BDE installed. May be someone know where I can get working components or something else to do it ?
It is better to send me working example of TQuery-like object, working without BDE.

Thank you

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Have you tried ADO? I don't use Sybase so I don't know where to get a driver for it.
one connection tool you will need and u must be aware of this before coding your app.

if you code your app with the bde then you must deploy allways the bde with your app.

if you code your app with ado then you must ensure that ado is insatlled on the target-pc.

if u use only one db, then you could look around for a native thirs-party replacement.

meikl ;-)

thirs-party -> third-party
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insatlled -> installed
(knots in my fingers :-)
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

  I don't know if there's OLD DB provider for sybase, if it exist then you can use ADO and it's not require the BDE at all

  if you have delphi 6 enterprise edition, you can use dbexpress for connecting to sybase, it's faster than BDE and ADO, and don't require BDE installed in the client machine

  also you check two these sites for sybase comonent so u can connect with bde

Best regards
Mohammed Nasman

I've been using SQLDirect to connect to many different
databases. No BDE No ADO  
It has native connect to most SQL including Sybase, Oracle
MSSQL ect.. Take a look the price is right.

Bill :)
I am using SQL-Direct, too. It looks not bad. Maybe try it.
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