script to replace files names and text

hi .

I have many files

each file begins with :

each file contain some text begins with tg_ or TG_

1. replace names tg_* > ft_*
2. replace text tg_* or TG_* > ft_* or FT_* accordingly .

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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
find . -name tg_\* -exec "perl -i -pe 's/tg_/ft_/g;s/TG_/FT_/g' {} ;echo {} XXXX {} \;"|sed -s 's#XXXX ./tg_#ft_/'|sh
Something like this would probably work for you:


for file in tg_*.pm
  sed s/tg_/ft_/g $file | sed /TG_/FT_/g  "ft_"${file#tg_}

Hope this helps.
perl -i -pe 's/(tg_)/"ft_"^$1^lc($1)/ieg'
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I'm sorry, my line should be:
sed s/tg_/ft_/g $file | sed /TG_/FT_/g > "ft_"${file#tg_}

(missed the redirect operator).

ahoffman and ozo: why would you start up the whole perl interpreter for sed commands?  The perl interpreter is by far the fattest, most expensive interpreter (outside of Java).  I'm not attacking you; I'm just curious.
.. 'cause sed sucks in performance. Even a fat perl is faster in most cases ;-) and works identically on all supported platforms, and is much more comfortable in using regex, and .. and .. and ...
BTW, even (g)awk is faster than sed (at least on all Solaris and IRIX).

Talmash , sorry for off-topic comment.
ahoffman, doesn't that really depend upon what you're doing.  If your going through thousands of records, I would agree; but if you're talking about a couple of hundred records, then the invocation of the perl shell takes longer than the whole sed thing.  And you're still using sed in your answer.  Anyway, it doesn't matter, you just have to use the right tool for the job.  Sorry for the comment, and thanks for the info.

Talmash, I'm sorry for the off-topic comment as well.
mnashadka, I started using the right tools (like sed:) before Larry started programming perl, and I still prefer it for simple (short) things (see my example), but as soon as things get more complex, sed sucks.
I just gave you a general answer for your comment ;-)

anyway, hope we can focus on Talmash's problem now ..
To change the text in a file you could use:

find . -type f -print | xargs file | grep -i text | cut -f1 -d: | while read

  file; do

vi $file >/dev/null 2>&1 <<!





Regards Mike
TalmashAuthor Commented:
do I have something else to say but thank you very much .

Tal , moshav nechalim
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