Compaq BIOS beep codes?

I have a Dekspro 5200 that emits 1 Long, 3 short beeps before the post initalizes, and then the 2 normal beeps after POST. WHat gives? No resource i have found sheds light on the first beeps.
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genguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could be a rom problem.
You can get a rom paq, and diagnostic software here:
If I'm not mistaken, Compaq puts the bios setup info on the hard drive, so if it was wiped, this info might be lost and causing the problem.
If it even has one, the motherboard battery may be dead.

If you read this advisory carefully, you will see that if you hold down the esc key during boot, it will emit 1 long and 3 short beeps. This could be a keyboard error.
This is the only document on compaq's site where 1long and 3short beeps are mentioned.
It depends on the BIOS your Compaq has but I suspect it's a VIDEO RAM problem.  See:

Under the AWARD BIOS section.
j2Author Commented:
Well, all video tests passes, and this is _before_ the post itself?
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Beep codes are more intended for POST prior to validating video (which could have next phase of visible checks, such as ram parity error).
j2Author Commented:
In fact all the diagnostics on the diag partition checks out, even after 50 repeats of them :)
What is your BIOS mfr & version?
follow on jhance comment:
This reference to video RAM is likely not the RAM on board a separate video card, but the bank(s) reserved under 1MB and over 640K limit. Some of this may or may not be needed, depending on your video H/W including ROM. The B&W and low_res, for ex.

Try options in your BIOS' config settings to use the ram from A000 - C800 and see if any difference. Better yet, reseat it, especially if recently changed/upgraded. Also validate that all your ram on mobo is identical (if not, there are timing considerations). You may also want to recheck you dip settings, if any, for use of alternative monitors (that you do not have).
I dunno your system. Some have dip option to check parity or not. Some require ram to have parity, while many do not care. To have bios check a ram for parity, when ram does not have it, and mobo does not require it, rather defeats purpose.  Not saying it your case, just simple example of a kind of strangeness that would look as error one way, then not as another.

Still, if you've mixed sizes or speeds, you need more care in arrangements if you want it to be stable. Has it always been like this? When did beeps begin? After RAM upgrade? Or when purchased? (refurbished?)
j2Author Commented:
Its a used system i purchased from an auction. All compaq original parts.
On "most" Compaq's there is either a single or sometimes a double beep  when you can hit a certain key (usally F10) to get into the CMOS setup, usally there is also a blinking cursor in the upper right side of the screen, this usally last for a few seconds then it continues the boot process        

If my memory serves me there is several beeps for the older Compaq systems, this is normal, if there was a problem the boot would stop and an error may show on screen, but as long as it continues booting then I would say everything is normal
j2Author Commented:
Yes, but again. These beeps happen _immediately_ after powering the system. And i've been around a few hundred DP systems in my days, and none has done this :)
I checked the manual for it (I think), and it does have a battery.
If it's dead, it could be causing the beeps.
Is it a Deskpro 2000 Model 5200?
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The answer is on page 2-11  of the following link:

"System ROM is bad: system is running in Failsafe Boot Block Mode.

Reflash the ROM using a ROMPaq diskette.  Refer to the "Failsafe Boot Block ROM" section of the "Intelligent Manageablity" guide."

This Answer is directly from Compaq (HP?)

Good Luck finding the proper "ROMPaq" at the new HP!!!!

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