How to use a browser to access my mail system

  now,i'm using sendmail8.9.3,all of our users will send/
receive mails by outlook or foxmail etc. my question is:
IS there any web-based program that can deal with those mails from a browser? (client won't need to get those mails to their computer,just from browser)
   if there is,where can i get it,(it should be free on L
inux6.2 OS),and,i will pay 50 or more point if a good solution given,thanks
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hi wingboard ,
Iam usin NeoMail .. this is a webbased utilitiy to chek your mail on a linuxbox...

Try it @

Also OpenWebMail is aNeoMail based utility and it`s good 2

Try also WebMAil

a Java webmail is available @

Also good hits are
Basilix Webmail

Select the one best fits you system..

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