disable flash ?

Some web pages are extremely annoying with their aggressive flash windows.  I have to right-click the window and remove the 'play' mark in order to be able to concentrate on the actual content of the page.

Furthermore, it consumes cpu cycles i need for more productive applications.  Also take a look at http://www.experts-exchange.com/jsp/qShow.jsp?qid=20147167

Now even EE has gotten into this agressive flash thing.  I am using msie 5.0 on win2kprof.  What i need to know is how to get better control over flash 'enhanced' web pages, or how to temporary disable flash code from executing.
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What if you shut down animations and video in tools|internet options|advanced?
joopvAuthor Commented:
Has no effect on flash code.
joopvAuthor Commented:
Has no effect on flash code.
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I'm guessing then that the only other way is to go after the actual flash player. You could just blow it away then disable the download of it.

What happens if you write a quick batch app. to copy the flash player out of its' normal windows|downloaded program files directory to the windows|temp directory?

Without the Shockwave Flash Object active x control....hold on, what if you go into tools|internet options|security|custom level and disable the running of Active X Controls and Plugins, or at least move it to a prompt.

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Yes, if you disable/prompt "Initialize Script/ActiveX Controls" then that would disable/prompt Flash.
Meant disable/prompt Run Active X Controls and Plugins as Yoda stated.
joopvAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. Problem is that other functionality is also lost.
You can try IEFriend.It can disable/enable flash in realtime without restarting your browser.The position of flash located will be displayed blank. If you want to see the flash,you can temporarily enable flash by pressing "Ctrl".
That is very cool.
The URL is www.helptodo.com.
Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
There is an easier way;

1. First, prevent IE from finding flash!

      Rename the swflash.ocx file to swflash.ocx2.  (On Windows 2000, the file seems
      to be named Flash.ocx.  So rename it Flash.ocx2)

      (Find it using SEARCH or FIND FILE on "flash.ocx".  Oh, you'll need to quit IE
      first before WINDOWS will let you rename the file, since it's "in use".)

      Excellent, but not done yet.

2. Prevent the "Do you want to install Flash?" dialog from appearing...

      So, we still need to stop IE from asking over and over if you want to
      install Flash again when you view a page that has embedded flash! (Why
      do we have to do this?  Because IE and NN don't have options for
      disabling and re-enabling flash, the sneaky buggers!!!)

      So, add this line to your "Hosts" file using notepad (hosts is in the
      c:\windows\ directory in Win 98)... it's probably slightly different for 2000
      or others.  It often has the line " localhost" in there already...
      In my case, it didn't exist (only Hosts.sam, a sample file).  So I created
      it.  No extension.  Just "Hosts".  No sure if capitalization matters. download.macromedia.com activex.microsoft.com active.macromedia.com

      (It seemed like I had to reboot for #2 to take affect.  If this still doesn't
      work, perhaps try a separate line for each mapping...)

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