activex (word) in java

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right topic area, but here goes.... (this question was origonally in the VB section)

I have a Word 8.0 activex component & using a toolkit I've created some java wrapper classes for it.

I'd like to use these to load up a word document inside a java app by using activex calls through these

wrapper classes.

Does anyone know how I can load a word doc using acivex.  I can load the word application, but havn't seen how to load a doc yet.....

any help or pointers would be brilliant (even if it's just directing me to a better topic area to ask the question in)

Thanks for any help,


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From: CJ_S  Date: 07/19/2001 02:54AM PST  

Set wordApp = GetObject("Word.Application")
wordApp.Documents.Open "thedoc.doc"
From: VincentLawlor  Date: 07/19/2001 03:25AM PST  
The syntax is

Dim objDoc as Object
Set objDoc = CreateObject("Word.Document")
objDoc.Documents.Open "Name of file.doc"

I tried this from a VB project it didn't work.

From: TimB  Date: 07/19/2001 04:20AM PST  

Thanks for your replies,

I've tried: app = new;

to get the application.  

The member 'Documents' does not appear to be in this class though...

Alternatively, if I come in from the document side by: thisDoc  = new;

thisDoc can't see the Documents class or member.

I guess I'm probably doing something wrong, and either instanciating something in the wrong order -
or have my class hirachy mixed up somewhere...?

Which containrt can I use to add to a java JPanel?  every time I instantiate a word object, it seems
to load up an instance of office.  Is it 'TextFrame' or would you reccomend using a different class.

Sorry if my response is a bit jumbled.... I'm pretty sure I can make the same AX calls as VB though..
I just don't really use VB though,


From: CJ_S  Date: 07/19/2001 04:22AM PST  
Maybe you should post a link to this question in the java topic area.


From: TimB  Date: 07/20/2001 01:44AM PST  
Here's the code I've used:

public getDoc() {
 // theDoc is a pre-defined member variable
 if (theDoc == null) {
   try {
     System.out.println("inside getBrowser!!!");

     Application app;
     app = getWordApp();
     Documents myDocs = new Documents(app);

     // get a reference to the document we want to open v;
     v = new"E:\\Docs\\chord_analysis.doc"); vrp;
     vrp = new;

     theDoc = myDocs.Open(vrp);
//      theDoc = new;;
   catch(Exception e) {
 return theDoc;

I get a null pointer exception on the line :
  theDoc = myDocs.Open(vrp);
(theDoc does not get created)

can you tell me what I'm doining wrong?  This isn't exactly following your route - I think VB must mask,
of do some of the initialisation for you....

Thanks for ant help,

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TimBAuthor Commented:
Has anyone loaded an activex component inside a java app before....?
TimBAuthor Commented:
Anyone there...?

Has anyone loaded a word doc inside a java frame?

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TimBAuthor Commented:
did u find out how to open a word doc inside a java frame? i am also having the same problem. I am using ibm's bridge2java for manipulating doc files.
if u have found something please give me the link or the resource where i might be able to get some leads.

thankx in advance,
TimBAuthor Commented:
I got a set of ActiveX component wrappers created by Gensym in the end.  It's a while ago that I did it now... As far as I remember, it was really easy to create brand new .doc's in the java app, but it was a bit more tricky to load up already existing doc's...

I think the url's - I was just passed a downloaded set of .jar's by a client, so I don't know if there's any registration and/or payment needed..


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