I need a nice Address ((URL)) for a site ..

Hi guys !!
I want some nice Address for my New Designing page!!
It's for Designing Pages !!
Pictures !!
Banners !!
Logos !!

and who give's me the Niceset Available !!
he'll get a 200 point + a Free Banner for him from my Company :)
thank you !!
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It is already owned by www.BuyDomains.com but they will sell it for $16 a year.  Which is about right anyway.
totaliadesigns.com  gradalia.com
Both are very strong and will be remembered by your clientes.  They join a futuristic sound, class, and are easily related with hi tech and quality.
interboyAuthor Commented:
not nice yet ...
Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

Learn how to build an E-Commerce site with Angular 5, a JavaScript framework used by developers to build web, desktop, and mobile applications.

If Imprevia's proposed answer is not nice enough then it should be rejected.  Otherwise this question is not shown in the usual area and experts won't see it and propose comments (as is the usual practice and not answers).

As for nice, you probably need to give more info.  This is not my fortay (s?) but what I suggested was simple, web like, and somewhat appropriate. I can even explain how I got it. esigns is obviously a shortened version of designs.  Not prizes for guessing that one. e prefixes are common on the web and seem to signify that.  certainly the electronic side of things.  And signs being a synonym for pictures, banners, and logos.

Now if you want something nice but not related you could go with some like what the UK Post Office just did.  And they spent shed loads of money doing it too.  No longer are they the Post Office but they are Consignia.  And what does that mean?  Who knows.  Means nothing to me.  You should pick a name that describes what you do and who you are.

Maybe something like www.interboylogobannerpicturedesign.com

Or go with the meaningless:
www.circumspect.com (cut off the fringes and go with prudent design people)
www.bollingers.com (boil it down to just grrr baby, yeah!)
www.atriphy.com (a real waste of time name ;-) )
Forgot to check their availability.  Only the first and last are available.
interboyAuthor Commented:
:) neop
I wanted something that contains the word design and its so short..
I tried design-tech.com .net
and it was taken ..
I tried designworld.com
and it was taken ..
I tried designmania.com
and it was taken ..
I tried designcity.com
and it was taken
I want something like that ,,
and it's not taken

and then Make a wish in designing and I'll do it for ya,,
interboyAuthor Commented:
listen boy :)
I knew that you are in the Arabian fields as you said before in another Question ..
I got this Domain For ya..

I could sell it to you cheaper than I bought it for..
thank you..

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interboyAuthor Commented:
Thanx Scarrry get the points and this is my email
contact me
What is Najd?  Never gonna get the points for this one unless I knew that I guess.

tell me how you can know that 'interboy is in the Ariabian Fields' in earlier questions if you just created your login on the 28th of July, which is the day of your comment?

If you're really convincing, you might get your account back.

interboy, the same applies to you. Giving points away is not allowed on EE.

Community Support Moderator @ Experts-Exchange
did you try www.speednames.com.

It works as follows:
-fill in the name of your site (for example mysite)
-click search
-and voila all avaible domains show....

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