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Posted on 2001-07-20
Last Modified: 2008-03-10
I want to remove Client32 3.10 from a Win95 PC. I have followed instructions in Novell's TID 10017336 "How to completely remove the Netware client". This uninstalls, but doesn't restore the system files to 100% original state.

My problem is once a PC has been "tainted" by Client32, the Wingate Internet Client (WGIC) will not work properly, unless I install the WGIC prior to ever installing Client32.

If you know which files Client32 updates/changes during its installation process, that would be a start.
Question by:mwyatt
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Check out all the .INF files in the Client32 installation directory.

HOWEVER - don't go blaming Novell for all of this - Client32 also installs a Microsoft-supplied TCP/IP patch that has it's own problems.

Just out of curiosity - did you also run UNC32.EXE?

Author Comment

ID: 6304150
DSPoole--Well, I've had a long love/hate affair with Client32. I only use it cuz I'm forced to. I do blame Novell because I don't get this problem with a strict Microsoft solution. Yes, TID 10017336 directs me to run Unc32.exe and also perform some registry edits, etc. Sadly, this does not put the ?? files back to their original state. I'm not even sure which files they are, could be just one or two.

How should I check the .INF files? Compare them to what?

Accepted Solution

melchioe earned 200 total points
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Give this a try:  after running unc32:

1- Go to Start | Run | type in REGEDIT.EXE.
2- Delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Novell key (the entire Novell key).
3- Delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Network\Novell key (the entire Novell key).
4- Delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Netware (the entire Netware key).
5- Go to Start | Programs | Windows Explorer.
6- Delete the C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32 directory (the entire Novell directory).

(this was from )
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oops, sorry - I just realized that's what you said in your first post...  I should read more carefully.

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ID: 6305224
I've seen somthing similar when trying to use the Microsoft NDS client after removing Client32.  Perhaps this solution will repair it enough for Wingate to work:

This might help a little bit:

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ID: 6306724
You cant blaim Novell for how Windows is designed!
It contains a numerous of shared dll files with a tousand of different versions.
I have heard that the next version of Windows can deal with different versions of dll files, but today it cant.
For curiosity, on my company there is a Economical report program, and if you install it on a Nt 4 box it makes so you cant login, not even Workstation only (the only thing to do is to reinstall the OS!)
The fact is that Microsoft changes the "rules" constantly of how the dll-file should act with a lot of dll:s, and some features is added and some is taken away!
I have been out for that a downgrade was the only solution to get certain function to work.
How if you reinstall the Wingate Client?
Does it put the right files back?
Do you have a similiar machine that is working?
Compare the system-directories (I know that that will take a LOT of time!!) and copy file by file back to the problem-computer.
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mwyatt -

When installing the Novell Client32 - it also installs the Microsoft-supplied TCP/IP Update (Winsock2) - to restore the previous TCP/IP files simply drop to the DOS-command prompt (Shut down or start up in Safe Mode Command Prompt Only) and then CD to the following location:


Then run the following batch file:


That will restore your TCP/IP files - which MICROSOFT screwed up and not Novell.

As for checking the .INF files - simply open them with a text editor - you will see exactly which files were replaced and which registry entries where made.  You should also check the UNC32.INF file for what it is doing compared to the .INF files used to install the Novell Client32.

btw:  I've NEVER had a problem with Client32 that couldn't be resolved.

Author Comment

ID: 6310058
OK, we're very close to resolving this, I think. I tried Novell's TID 10017336 on a Win98 PC (not Win95 yet) and then reinstalled the Wingate client, then installed Client32 and the process worked! I will try the Win95 PC later this week. On Win95, I did not have success earlier even after restoring Winsock using WS2BAKUP.BAT but I will try again. Maybe I missed something. Fortunately Win98 doesn't require the WS2 update like Win95 did.

I'd still like to know which files Client32 alters.

DSPoole--You mention the inf files? There are some in the Client32 distribution directory (extracted files I downloaded from Novell).
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Depending on the options you install, you will have to look at the appropriate .INF files - for instance, if you installed Remote Control (for ZENworks) then you would need to look at the NWRCA.INF file.

The SETUP.INF file should pretty much explain which .INF files are used for which options...

been awhile since I dug into an .INF file...

Author Comment

ID: 6384020
This is the solution after all. There was more than one variable (Client32 and Wingate, etc.) involved so that messed up things. Here is the fix:
Run the unc32.exe program AND delete the registry entries as outlined in Novell's TID. It won't work without doing this first. Reboot.
Next, the Wingate client must be the same version as the Wingate server! Reinstall the Wingate client if necessary. I spoke to Wingate tech support about this solution and it was news to them. Their opinion was that Client32 and Wingate would not work together successfully.
Of course, the best method is to install Wingate client on the virgin system, then install Client32.
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ID: 7494911
ah, there's your problem - WinGate.

any bets it replaces the TCP/IP stack that Novell supplies with Client32 (which is a Microsoft TCP/IP stack).

I wouldn't be surprised that running WS2SETUP.EXE from the Novell Client32 install folder would solve some of your problems.

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