i want to study at cambridge university,if i has a MCSE & CCNP,whether or not easy??

i want to study at cambridge university,if i has a MCSE & CCNP,whether or not easy??
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andysalihConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NOPE they the CCNP is easy, but the MCSE is hard, there are many levels for this qualification and you have to complete them all.

if you pass MCSE you wouldnt get many people questioning your responces.

MCSE if one of the best but most hardest qualifications i know of.

i wish you the very best of luck in pursueing your goals.


is this a VB question or????

anyway, good luck to u.
lol: this is the answer:

Dim iCTO as Student
Dim Cambridge as University
Cambridge.Students.Add iCTO
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iCTOAuthor Commented:
go on...
iCTOAuthor Commented:
please go on...
go on what, if you want a discussion then please post theres types of questions in the community otherwise can you please delete or close this question as its not a VB programming question

Many Thanks
Cambridge is one of the uk's top two universities, they have the highest entry requirements - an MCSE will in no way guarantee entry there, you need to get their details & send for a prospectus - if you are Cambridge material then you will be able to do that all yourself!

Good luck

ps - many other good uk universities, thanks for the interest.
There are probably only a few ways to get into The Cambridge University - One way is to Hold extremely good qualification already (MCSE is not an Extremely good qualification, and if you have half decent knowledge can pass all these exams in a week).  The entry for any University depends on the course you apply for.  Some universities will allow people in with no qualification if they have relevant work experience,  I imagine an MCSE/MCSD and 5 years experience would get you into a few universities.

Maybe looking here might help you.


BTW are you looking at doing a degree or a day course??

If its a degree here is an example of entry requirements for Computer Science http://www.cam.ac.uk/cambuniv/ugprospectus/courses/compsci.html

If it is day courses etc.. I think you just need to pay, about #60 a sessions (Half-day)I believe.

Hope that is of some help, Good Luck.
From my experience MCSE is just a scrap of paper to write "while you were out" notes on.

Seriously though people I have seen who only have an MCSE DO NOT have the necessary knowledge required to do the job.  Although it was regarded with some credibility a few years ago, many companies I have talked to and dealt with are waking up to the fact that an MCSE means nothing.  People they have hired with MCSEs don't know what they are doing and expect everything to work just like the book says.  Which is rarely the case.

If you have an MCSE it can't hurt your chances but 9 times out of 10 it won't help them at all.
I got a contract at Network Associates a while back, I hadn't got any qualifications at the time.  They took someone else on who had an MCSE (Exchange Server as an elective), CNE Masters, A+ and a few others.  He had left the army 6 months earlier and had got a job doing first line support and spent the time cramming for the exams.  First day on the job he was asked to setup 2 NT servers with Lotus Notes and MS Exchange server, connect them and install GroupShield.

Turned to me a said I've only worked with Outlook and Exchange client before, what do I need to do to install Exchange Server.  He spent the next 2 weeks pestering me to help him.  All these qualifications and he couldn't do the job.
>>>i want to study at cambridge university,if i has a MCSE & CCNP,whether or not easy??

Certainly.  Both Cambridge and Oxford offer non-credit summer courses which
an MCSE would fully qualify you for.  If you impress them enough they would
certainly let you in.  In any case you'll be able to tell people you went to Cambridge.

But if you really want a special education go to Grinnell, I've been told they teach you
everything there is to know about programming.
does the questioner want to close ??

please reject the proposed answer if so, its locked the question for other EE users to see it by myself.

please reject the answer to release the quesiton back in the unlocked list.

Whether or not it is a VB question, it is a serious question and has had some good comments.  I am rejecting Andy's comment as it is clearly a non-answer.  Andy, if you think there is a problem with a question, maybe you should report it to CS instead of locking it.  If you have a problem with that, bring it up in CS as well.

iCTO, at this point, you should either accept an answer or explain why your requirements have not been met.  Please take the time to maintain your questions.  Experts have given their time which is just as valuable as yours.

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iCTOAuthor Commented:
Thank You,all.
thank you and good luck with your decision.

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