TWebBrowser requirements?

I use TWebBrowser in my aplication. I also have IExplorer v5.5
I want to know what files to put in Install package to support this component i use. What in case client doesn;t have IE installed?

Can someone please tellme more about this?

thanks in advance.
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your user just has to have ie installed.
if you used Twebbrowser_v1 they must have at least ie3
if you used twebbrowser they must have at least ie4
if you use twebbrowser features that are only in ie5 or ie5.5 then they must have that installed .

basically they need at least the version of ie you had installed when you imported/compiled the twebbrowser activex comp.

you can get the ie distribution info from here:
I was wondering this too, but then I thought if my program is going to be installed on a Win9x/ME/2K box, it's going to have IE on it because you can't really uninstall it (See DoJ written here) :)

I've had it running on all version of IE >= 5.0.

Hope this helps in some way.

Hay Barry.  Do you know of any wrappers for Netscape at all like TWebBrowser for IE?   I haven't looked at all, but I was just curious.  If someone was to write an app (I do a lot of reporting using HTML), and their client didn't have IE, could we utilise a fallback to a Netscape component?

I guess (like I said above), finding a 32bit version of Windows without IE would be almost as hard to find as real VB programmer.

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howdy stu,
>>of any wrappers for Netscape >>

not at the momemt but i believe the new gecko engine they've used in v6 will eventually be able to .

i have a pc with only netscape,dont use it much though ,v6 asumes too much like i want some aol rubbish installed ;-)
How's it going Bazza?  It's been quite a while.  Been working hard?  Are you still in the UK, or have you moved back to In Zid?

I'm just looking at Delphi 6 now.  Have you seen it?  Pretty damn sexy little piece of software :)  I can't see $4,000 (upgrade AUS) vaule in it, but still, it's great (especially when I dont have to pay for it!).

This gecko engine you're talking about..  Where can we find something out about that?  I guess I'm not asking an off-topic question here, and it does have a bit of relevance with what Kirezz is asking :)


im doing ok but need sleep badly cause working nights :-)
er uk :-(
d6 too expensive,maybe get pro version near christmas :-(

anyways this is all about gecko

but this by far looks the link to follow:
check out about half way down page where it says DELPHI SAMPLE  :-)))

sourcecode to die for or what :
Browser: TMozillaBrowser;

though admittedly ill have to look more into it after some sleep cause i see something strange in the uses section
namely SHDocVw_TLB ,now whats that doing there?

hope not too off topic kirezz but its some interesting stuff youve lead us to find i didnt think it(mozilla) was anywhere near ready yet :-)

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